Loving 'Night Watch'

I know this thread will probably die a death instantly but I had to say it.
I started to get doubts about Terry Pratchett after failing to get ‘into’ ‘The Truth’. But the last few ‘chapters’ (there doesn’t seem to be chapters) of Night watch have made me laugh out loud. One [of many] took me ages to find (I was well past it in the story. And proof reading is hard when you’ve knocked back a few…)

If you put yourself in the shoes of the robber, like I did, you find it funnier than otherwise.
P.S. I had asked in CS what the picture on the back of the book was. If I had bothered to use the limited collection of braincells I possess - I would have looked inside the sleeve-cover to find out that it was The Militia Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq (The Nightwatch) by Rembrandt.

I’m reading this one too. I’m loving it, as I’ve loved every TP book I’ve read. Sure, there is a range of quality, as with any collection of works, but the worst of TP is better than the majority of drek that gets published.

And Night Watch is far from the worst.