Low-cost housing for seniors in Southern California

I have a yard customer–I’ll call her Letitia–who has put her mobile home in the Dominguez Hills area into escrow and is searching for a new place to live.
She is about 70, and lives alone—I think she’s from the New York area. I inquired of a cousin living in Las Vegas about low-cost housing for seniors, with minimal space since people in her condition (she’s had foot surgery) don’t move about much and don’t have the physicial ability to do much housewrk.
Well, I also know an older couple in Hawthorne, CA, I’ll call the Goldsmiths. Both are in their early 70s. They’ve lived for about 50 years in a house that is too much for them, up in years as they are (and with physical impairments to boot), to keep in order. I’ve suggested they should consider selling the house and moving into much smaller quarters (they live a few miles from LAX); they say they aren’t ready just yet.
Any suggestions from the Teeming Milliions?

Nope, at least not around here.

The SoCal housing market is insane. Seniors with low incomes often end up in shitty convalescent homes.

My hubby’s great aunt moved to Vegas when her husband died, but she had some money stashed. She bought a nice place in Summerlin, a Del Webb senior community. She loved it.

Thanks; I’ll have to keep that in mind, what with places like Rossmoor Leisure World (or whatever it’s called now) and Lark Ellen Towers around.