LP ID: Old record for children about the solar system

I had a record when I was a kid, about the solar system. It was full of catchy tunes like The Wandering Stars (which my older sister hated because I played the album so much – but which helped her out on a science test because the song was stuck in her head!), Meet Space Pilot Jones, and another song about satellites.

The Wandering Stars
Earth and Mars
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus
Neptune and Pluto!
The Wandering Stars!

Meet Space Pilot Jones
Meet Space Pilot Jones
His body, it looks like a barrel…

(the one about satellites)
Is it raining in Paris?
Will it snow in New York?

I found this LP online months ago, and I e-mailed a guy who had it in his collection to confirm that this was the album I remembered. Unfortunately, I lost my e-mails when I changed my hard drive. I don’t remember the name of the album. I thought it might be something like A Children’s Introduction to the Solar System, but I’m not getting any hits on google under that name. The cover is largely black, with a big orange planet and a white space ship – if I remember correctly. The title, IIRC, is in yellow across the top of the cover.

Can any of you music sleuths help me find the proper title to this album?


The Sun is a mass of Incandescent gas,
A giagantic nuclear furnace.
where hydrogen is turned into helieum at a temperature of millions of degrees.
sorry no help for ya but it sounds like the same album They Might Be Giants used to have as kids, they covered that song.

Found it!

A Child’s Introduction To Outer Space

Got some of the cover details wrong, but here it is.

Just don’t forget Interplanet Janet.

She’s a galaxy girl.

Nope, that one was entitled Space Songs. (As a semi-hijack, anyone know the name of the public domain song that’s the source for the tune of that song? It’s stereotypically connected to me with that guy playing the fife in the “Spirit of '76” painting.)

As for the solar system miss from a future world Bryan Ekers mentioned, she, for those who don’t know, comes from the classic ABC Schoolhouse Rock interstitials.

I remember this, in fact, I have been searching on and off for a long time.

The lyrics and tune I remembered were “Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars…” but it was useless to search because the lyrics are so common!

Thanks for finding it.

The other lyrics I remember is:

“Seven miles a second
Seven miles a second
A rocket ship could make the trip in
Seven miles a second”

I found it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eliDhERy3E and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwmGiPvEWbA