"Lucky Charms! With Bloody Teeth!"

“Orange men!”

So just buy the marshmallow pieces by themselves =)

You can probably pin down a person’s age pretty closely by asking them what the definitive set of marbits is. Me, I include Purple Horseshoes (though I remember them being New! and Exciting!), but my brain refuses to recognize anything after that as “real”.

Truth in advertising.

Sorry about the misspelling of “marshmallows”.

Are you certain they’re not real bloody teeth? Maybe there was an accident at the factory!

You do realize Lucky Charms is nothing more than broken Cheerios and recycled circus peanuts

That would explain the “taste.”

No no no, it’s broken Alphabits and dehydrated leprechaun droppings.

Again, yep, “taste.”

Lucky Charms is one cereal where the generic is better. I think we get the Malt-o-Meal version, but I’m not sure.

Then again, it’s been forever since I’ve been able to eat them, so, for all I know, my memories of the taste are false.

“They’re tragically malicious!”

…and i just bought 3 large boxes. ah, well, i still have frosted flakes, capt’n crunch, and trix.

There was a trend several years back where they sold food products colored in psychedelic colors. I kept thinking about the red cereal the dad was advertising in the novel Cujo.

That’s the real problem with Lucky Charms. They’re a gateway drug to Frosted Flakes. Sweet, sweet, crack-frosted flakes. /drool

But a huge bowl of Lucky Charms, hand-picked to be very marbit-heavy, and swimming in half-and-half… a pretty good way to get sugar-buzzed and crank my LDL numbers while pretending it’s still “a nutritious part of a complete breakfast.”

Are you kidding me? None of those things actually looks like anything at all. In my day the pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers, and blue diamonds at least were recognizable!

Wow, 6 colors of shooting stars? That seems like a waste. They’ve been pretty stupid with the shapes for some time, so I’m not surprised.

Yeah, they made changes that weren’t improvements.

I was okay with purple horseshoes - those seem reasonable as lucky charms. Then they came up with the multi-color marshmallow process, and that drove them to change the traditional shapes/colors so they could make them “brighter”. Thus they came up with the Pot of Gold, which has a yellow pot and a “gold” (orange) spot at the top. They modified the green clover to be a leprechaun hat with a green clover on it so they could have two colors of green. The made a rainbow that is three colored. They got rid of blue diamonds, made the yellow moons blue (because blue moons are culturally the luckier item and so they could retain blue while replacing the yellow with the pot of gold). And then they replaced the orange stars with “shooting stars”, which are the bizarrest piece. You see, they orange star has an orange tail, but the tail would be too fragile if it were just the tail, so they made the white part as “background” or whatever for the tail, and thus it’s a shooting star. Except it doesn’t look like anything. The white doesn’t really make sense - shooting stars are seen at night, shouldn’t the background be black?

And the shapes are fairly indistinct. I mean, marshmallow isn’t the best medium for high detail sculpture anyway, so simpler shapes are better. The hearts, horseshoes, and moons are reasonable. The balloons just look like blobs. The “hat”, “pot of gold”, and “shooting star” are all unindentifiable as objects - they have to be explained. Multiple colors of shooting stars is taking the worst peice and making more of them in the most ridiculous way possible. (Maybe I shouldn’t say that - they could take that as inspiration.)

Oh, is *that *what that was? I was baffled. I know a bloody tooth when I see, it, though.

Does anyone remember the hourglass shape with the dissolving center?

I remember when they introduced the red balloon…I thought it was awesome. I still have Lucky Charms in my pantry.

You must read Breakfast of the Gods by Brendan Douglas Jones. :slight_smile: