"Lucky Charms! With Bloody Teeth!"

They’re not magically delicious! I grabbed some cereal off the shelf at the deli this morning and missed the Cheerios, winding up–much to my chagrin–with Lucky Charms. I opened it, nervously, and was greeted by . . . I have no idea what.

I can kind of recognize the “blue moons” and the “green clovers” (which are actually clovers stamped on some parellelogram-type shape). But the rest of the charms . . . One appears to be a bloody tooth: a white, tooth-shaped object with a smear of dark pink at one end. To represent the upshot of the St. Paddy’s Parade? Another appears to be a kicky 1960s Courreges dress in blue and white, which is highly unlikely.

I tried to nibble on one of the bloody teeth, and it was not magically delicious. It tasted like something a Peep had thrown up.

All the marshmallows taste that way - or at least they did, the last time I was (un)fortunate enough to sample this particular delicacy.

I cannot be the only one who saw this thread and thought you’d broken a tooth on the stuff!! I’m relieved that I was wrong.

I am so stealing that last sentence!

Annie-Xmas, lover of both peeps and the writings of Eve

The thing to remember about Lucky Charms is the original colors were green potatoes, red blood of patriots and the yellow right bastard Englishman that sends his goons to evict ye!

My friend Mel guesses they are a special commemorative ‘The Troubles’ edition of Lucky Charms: “Bloody teeth! Brass knuckles! Silver bullets!”

You got the last promo box of “Easter Parade” Lucky Charms, an early experimental product placement. Look inside to see if there’s a little card notifying you you’ve won a date with Peter Lawford!

I also thought that.

Now, if the title said “Cap’n Crunch! With Bloody Gums!”, there would be no ambiguity whatsoever.

You’ve been fobbed off with junk charms. Lucky the Leprechaun took a bath in the Irish housing market. “Sure’n the skies th’ limit!” my ass.

I think the broken tooth marshmallow is supposed to be a shooting star. That’s the only one I can find that resembles what you describe.

I like Lucky Charms marshmallows. I don’t buy the cereal anymore because whenever I do I end up picking all the marshmallows out and being left with nothing but a box of boring cereal, which seems like kind of a waste.

Yup, shooting star. Same “flavor” as the original marshmallows from decades ago. My username is my cite.

Are you KIDDING? I pay upwards of $35 for a box of those bad boys! But I will agree, Lucky the Elf has totally whored himself out, the games on the back of the box are insultingly lame, and the grody marshmallows are horrendous-looking shooting stars. Yeah, they look like bloody teeth. What sort of marketing wonks sat around a table and thought those ugly horrors looked like fun?

I say they put down the crack pipes and bring us back to the halcyon days of pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clover, and even the latecomer, blue diamonds.

Having said that, I happily scarf them down whenever I get my hands on them. Savor each spoonful/nasty marshmallow blob, and think of starving dopers in faraway lands. :wink:

ETA: Hi Santa!

Maybe I can find a Valley of the Dolls edition: “Blue downers! Red uppers! Yellow gin bottles!”

I miss the promotion they had circa 1967. “Orange sunshine! Blue microdot! Purple haze! And mellow yellow. Owsley says it’s magically delicious!”

The blue diamonds are the source of those "online viagra - no prescription"spams

When my kids were little, Lucky Charms ran a promotion where you could send in a box top of something and receive a free pine tree sapling to plant. Both my kids sent in their requests, but only one tree arrived. I called General Mills and asked to speak to Lucky, but apparently he wasn’t in that day. However his secretary assured me he would personally look into the matter and send out another tree. A couple of weeks later the second tree arrived. I consider this proof of the existence of leprauchans, and Lucky in particular. Since leprauchans are actually evil little bastards, I wouldn’t be surprised at actual broken teeth showing up in your cereal. Also the lawn guy ended up mowing down the trees, and I had always suspected he was actually a leprauchan.

At the risk of spoiling the fun by revealing the mystery, here are a couple of links. The first one is to a blog that includes a picture of THIRTEEN marbits, along with their descriptions. The bloody teeth probably are, in fact, red shooting stars.

The second one, I’m not prepared to claim that it is a Courreges dress, but it did come up when I performed a google image search on “courreges dress.” Based on that, I’m going to postulate that Eve’s “a kicky 1960s Courreges dress in blue and white” is a blue shooting star.

“Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers. And now blue diamonds!” [/bad Irish accent]

My brain seizes up after that and can’t list any more marshmallow types. I think the next ones along were purple horseshoes.

Wikipedia tells me that blue diamonds were introduced in 1975. They still seem new to me, even though I was 5 in 1975.

It’s a bit early, but what the hell - Happy St. Patrick’s Day! :slight_smile:

Irish Breakfast: Guinness with Lucky Charms in it.

Silver bullets? Were there a lot of Proddy werewolves running around in Belfast in 1920?