Lucky Charms

Just wondering-how many different types of Lucky Charms marshmallows have there been?

Well, IIRC the original four were green clover, pink hearts, yellow moons, and orange stars. Then, blue diamonds were added. Years later came purple horseshoes. Eventually, someone thought that a balloon would be cool, so they threw that in too.

I’m still waiting for one of those cartoon kids that hawk the stuff to get a rusty hacksaw and finally give us a gore-red rabbit’s foot.

I’m not sure I can trust information from someone that confuses Trix with Lucky Charms.

What about all of those extra marshmallows that were thrown in “for a limited time”? I think there have been about three or four of them. Wasn’t one of them a Pot O’Gold or somesuch? Do the new miniature marshmallows count as new shapes?

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Yep, y’all have it right so far. Don’t forget the rainbow, which is a permanent fixture among the marshmallow surprises now. I don’t remember Lucky Charms ever not having blue diamonds, although my memory of Lucky Charms commercials doesn’t go back any earlier than the mid-70’s. Oh, and FYI, the balloons are red. I must say I quite enjoy the toasted oat cereal with marshmallow surprises from time to time.

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Well, the blue diamond can’t have been added earlier than the mid-70’s, because, while I don’t remember Lucky Charms not having blue diamonds, I do remember commercials trumpeting the new blue diamond.

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When I was a kid, I used to eat all the oat cereal first and leave the marshmallows for last. I did this with Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Booberry, too. Did anyone else do this, or am I just weird? Also, does anyone else remember Wolfberry? That was my favorite.

“Wolfsberry”??? Holly my dear, I remember Baron von Redberry and Sir Grape(something). Okay, so maybe I don’t remember it so well.
How about Quisp and Quake? Quake went through at least one facelift (lost his hardhat {he was a miner} and gained an Australian bush hat) but Quisp kept on going with his little sugar sweetened flying saucers. Then they sacked Quake, except as the liason for Orange Quangaroos. Now taht was a nasty cereal…

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Sir Grapefellow.

For what it’s worth, I do remember that one of those special ‘limited time’ marshmallow bits was in the form of a whale. I think they started out white, or some solid color. But then, at some point in the Lucky Charms saga, there was some kind of mishap, resulting in, as the anguished commercial Lucky Leprechaun called them ‘Swirled-up Whales!’ Sure enough, after that, the whales were white with swirls of color. I believe this was sometime in the mid-to-late 1980s.


“Wolfberry” would actually be “Fruit Brute,” one of your second-tier Monster Cereals. Even lame-ass Boo-Berry has a higher Q-rating. However, Fruit Brute did achieve one moment of fame: Eric Stoltz is seen eating a bowl, with box behind him, while watching TV just before John Travolta phones him in “Pulp Fiction.”

I remember Waffelo Bill and Waffle-Os… forget who put 'em out but they were a staple cereal in my household while they were out.

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I used to love Boo Berry but I haven’t seen it in a long time. Can you still get it. I live near chicago and haven’t been able to find it in about 5 years?

I nominate this thread for the SDMB “Part of a Good Nutritional Breakfast” award.

JL–do you have a Cub Foods near you? We were in one over the weekend and made a foray into the cereal aisle, with ended up eliciting cries of “Oh my GOD! They’ve got BOOBERRY!”

I myself go for Count Chocula and Cocoa Pebbles.

I would just like you all to know that I started a cereal thread exactly a year ago today, or something like that.
Anyway, my life just has not been the same since Ice-Cream Jones cereal disappeared, as well as Smurfberry Crunch (I guess it was just too highbrow), oh and who could forget Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cereal>?

Anyone else remember C3P-O cereal?

To be a proper kids’ cereal, it has to turn the milk another color.

I used to love Apple Jacks, but I got tired of lacerating the roof of my mouth.

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C-3P0? I thought it was “Star Wars” cereal. I remember my parents buying it for me at the same time as Smurfberry Crunch. Smurfberry Crunch won hands down. My all time favorite was Big Mixx cereal with the mascot that was part wild boar, rooster, moose, and a couple of other animals thrown in.

Kat, Just back from Cubs (I work across the street) no luck. I guess that small part of my childhood shall die (that and living rent free :slight_smile: ) Mojo I don’t rember the ceral Big Mixx but I do rember the add.

But if there is one ceral that I want to try it's "chocolate covered frosted sugar bombs"

no matter where you go…there you are

I thought it was just “Chocolate-Frosted Sugar Bombs”

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