lucky charms cereal

okay, i get that the marshmellows in the cereal supposedly signify different kinds of ‘lucky charms,’ like the horseshoe and the four leaf clover. what i don’t get is what the red balloon stands for. how does that denote luck at all?

Maybe somebody at General Mills is a Nena fan. Are there 99 of them in a box?

Because when they figured out how to make safe red dyes, they had already used up all the good ideas, and some guy at General Mills said “Hey, why not a balloon?”. The red balloons are a relatively recent addition: For most of my childhood, it was just pink hearts, orange stars, yellow moons, green clovers, and blue diamonds. Later, they added the purple horseshoes, and later than that, even, the red balloons.

The blue diamonds were added during my childhood (or maybe a tad later). I remember the other four always being there (born 1963).

It was part of an advertisement. Lucky was traveling around in a red balloon and fell out of the gondola i think. The balloon crashed into a bowl of cereal and it stuck ever since. That was years ago and it’s very hazy in my memory.

I can remember when the blue diamonds were added :slight_smile:

Yup. I used to eat Lucky Charms when I was a little kid, and I remember when they were added. I was born in '82, incidentally.

I don’t remember everything about the TV ad campaign, but I think it was divided into several parts (maybe 5?) forming some kind of crazy commercial saga, with Lucky traveling all over the world in his balloon trying to avoid the kids who were after his Lucky Charms (I could be getting this confused with something else… memory’s pretty hazy). At the end, the red balloon marshmellows were added to the cereal, and have been there ever since for some reason.

I remember that, too… (Born in '83 here.) It’s odd that the balloons stuck around, and not, say, the rainbows (which would seem far more in-theme than red balloons).

Andrew “NO .SIG MAN” “Juan” Perron, and weren’t the moons once blue?

This internet thing is wonderful.


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