Lucy Lawless - New Show

Lucy Lawless appears in Starz drama 'Spartacus.

She won’t have the xena leather bustier to wear. At times she won’t be wearing anything at all. :cool: I guess that will bring in the ratings. Lucy is 42 and it’s been 10 years since her xena days. She’s done some modeling for Maxim and she stills good. Perhaps different from her early Xena days, but good. Photoshop is Maxim’s best friend. :wink:

clothed but NSFW

I respected that they kept Hercules and Xena reasonably family friendly. Some of the old fans may be a little shocked with her new show. Even the guys were issued plastic parts for some of the scenes. :rolleyes:

Those Maxim pics are from 1999.

I was being kind. :wink:

here’s one from 2008 — safe for work
She’s changed a lot in 10 years. Maybe with better lighting and photoshop, she could still appear in magazines. <shrug>

She’s hot in Sparticus.

She looks like a beautiful 42-year-old woman.

I thought she was quite hot on Battlestar Galactica - that was only a couple years ago, right?

hmm, I thought this show was getting ready to air. The news article in my OP just appeared on huffington post today. There was no indication that it had aired. I don’t get starz and wouldn’t know.

Anyhow, I’m sure it will be in reruns for awhile.

[noparse]Spartacus[/noparse] (NSFW!!)

Nudeness abounds.

Thank you for the NSFW note, silenus, but in the future please don’t link directly to nudity.

Xena started 15 years ago. Unless you meant it ended 10 years ago. :slight_smile:

The first season is almost ending, they ordered 13 episodes. Season 2 is being postponed because the lead actor (who plays Spartacus) has been diagnosed with cancer.