Luka Rocco Magnotta

This is one sick bastard. From aWiki article:

He also dated Canadian serial killer Karla Homolka (who is now a mom w/three kids. WTF?), and gained infamy by killing kittens and posting the videos online.

The video of him killing a man, dismembering him, raping what was left, bringing in a (probably starving) puppy to feed on the man, possibly eating some himself, and later masturbating himself with the victim’s severed arm was posted on bestgore, a pretty sick & twisted Canadian website devoted to all things most gory. The video isn’t/wasn’t working when I checked the site, but I found the video elsewhere.

Can’t believe I watched the video, but I did. Reading about Magnotta quickly led me to the story of the Ukrainian teens (Dnepropetrovsk maniacs) who went on a particularly disgusting killing and torturing spree. I watched a video of one of their killings, and after seeing that I was so numb Magnotta’s video didn’t really phase me that much.

Then there’s the bath salts using Florida face-eating zombie. I’m all RO’d out.

Cannibalism? Raping dead bits? Feeding a dog on the remains? This is a whole other layer of Ick to what’s being posted in the Canadian news…

Really? I guess Canada has different censorship/decency laws or something, but it’s hard to keep something like this mum when you live next door to the US and have internet.

The problem is that none of the news outlets are investigating beyond what the police tells them. The police and just saying they don’t conduct investigations via social media, and that’s what the media is printing. I found out about the gruesome parts via a CNN article and comments on CBC’s article.

I’m as morbidly curious as the next guy but I can’t bring myself to look for the video(s). I just can’t.

Apparently some lawyer stumbled across them (yeahhh…) and tried to alert the Toronto police, but was given the brush-off. Also brushed-off by other police departments across Canada and the U.S. (I’m sorry, I can’t find the article again.)

But here’s a graphic article for the morbidly curious:

It’s best to not have those images floating around your brain. I’ll never search out the kitten killings though. I’ve got some morbid curiosity standards, you know.

He’s fled abroad. Why do I have a funny feeling he may be in Thailand? :frowning:

I heard about the video, Homolka, animal torture and his fleeing the country and that’s only from CBC to and from work.

I saw it. Yuck. I have been hoping someone will come along and tell me all the ways that it could not possibly have been real and that I am a dumbass for getting seriously creeped out.

Here it is:

There’s a couple of good articles in the National Post today.
There’s some that say that he has posted much of what has been written about him on the internet.

Quite the little attention-whore, isn’t he? Just watched the ‘1 lunatic 1 icepick’ video and strangely found it quite mundane and unshocking. I suspect it’s because the sadass Luka tries so hard to shock and, being the loser that he is, manages to make murder and mutilation yawn-inducing. That Russian vid was far nastier and more difficult to watch (those sounds! ugh).

Yeah, he seems narcissistic as hell, but not at all bright. I’m surprised they haven’t caught him by now.

While I was looking for the icepick video it kept getting compared to the Ukrainian Maniacs video so I found that video first and watched. God, that was so disturbing I really did feel numb, except for a painful tight ache in my gut. As I said before, the icepick video was fairly ho-hum, matter of fact, and thankfully no sound. At least I don’t remember sound. Emotionally, it hit me about as hard as that alien autopsy video a few years back. It’s only when I remember it was apparently real that I get creeped out.

God that Ukrainian video was awful. I wonder if Magnotta was inspired by that.

The one I watched was the ice pick video. Is that the same one? I did find it very creepy.

Yes, the ‘1 lunatic 1 icepick’ video.

Ugh. Sometimes I’m ashamed to be from Montreal.

According to someone I follow on Twitter, there’s a video out there that’s a “reaction video” to Magnotta’s murder video. Sort of like reaction videos to 2girls1cup.

Honestly, I’d much rather watch 2girls1cup than someone being murdered.

No reason to be ashamed of Montreal. There’s been a spate of cannibal cases lately and the media is running with it. Some guy in Maryland just killed his roommate and ate his heart & part of his brain.

By “reaction video” do you mean spoof, or copycat?

I guess he got tired of everyone calling him “funny man”.

You know what else I find creepy? Getting a PM from someone that signed up to the SDMB just to PM and ask for a link. I told them the website where it was on the front page before I realized I did not recognize the name (I thought it was one I did recognize at first glance).

I sent a follow up saying that I don’t want to be responsible for a 13 year old watching that crap.

Google it yourselves from now on.

I used to think of Canadians as a mild-mannered, friendly bunch. But after this guy and the one who beheaded his fellow bus passenger, if I see a Canadian coming toward me, I’m shooting first and asking questions later.