Lurker Record? An ironic challenge

Who has the earliest “registered” with the least “posts”?

I offer this in strange harmony with the relative recent lack of “post parties”.

I offer my own record as per the thread title.

Just hang on for a little while. If I keep posting at my current rate, I should be having my 1000th post party sometime around the end of November. Of course, since I’m still underage, someone else will need to bring the alcohol.

Lots of people have no posts, going back to 1999

The specific answer is the user # 10

Profile For jimboy 2/18/1999 Posts=0

Yeah, I guess that jimboy from the Chicago Reader(!) is the answer. Good search, BarnStormer. Somehow I’d imagined that in order to claim the “record” that the lurker would actually have still be lurking and post independently. Hence the irony.


good morning frinds,
i don’t know where i fall in the stats, but i have lurked here a long time, and i very rarely post.

Yeah, me too. I read nearly every day, though. Huh.

Maybe only those who do post should be considered as they are still “active”.

I’ve read nearly everyday since I registered. Don’t post much though. :slight_smile:

I’m on here almost every day, reading, too…this place is addictive.

I’m another 99% lurker. I read the boards almost every day, but only post a few times a month.


I too, lurk. Guess I don’t have much to say :slight_smile:

I have more to say than you - but not much more :smiley:

I’m starting to make up for it a bit now, but I didn’t post at all the first two months I was registered. It meant no welcoming posts when I finally did start posting :frowning: Now, I’m a binge poster. Sometimes I’ll go a while not posting anything, not really seeing anything I want to reply to, and then I’ll post half a dozen times in one evening. About as unbalanced as my life in general :stuck_out_tongue: