Lurkers Paradise (OR: Did you miss me?)

Okay, so as some of you may recall, I was a board regular from around 830 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time, up until the 22nd of last month. That was when I was laid off from my job, the place where I had the internet connection and too much time on my hands.

So I haven’t been posting since then, but I have been occasionally lurking on the boards, and checking my e-mail and stuff at various places—the library, a friend’s house, an e-cafe, and now, while I’m visisting my mom in Pennsylvania. And I’ve wanted to contribute, to jump back into the community, but it always seemed kind of weird. Here I’ve been gone for weeks, and chances are I may not check back for more weeks…I don’t want to be drive-by guy, or seem to be ignoring someone on the off-chance they should happen to respond to me…So where to post? How to break the silence?

So I’ve just read, and not said anything. But now, it’s too much. I have to say something…indeed, I seem to feel that I Must Share something Mundane and Pointless.

So I create this thread to say, hey, did anybody miss me? Or in fact, even notice that I was gone? (Shameless cry for validation.)

Anything exciting happen while I was gone?

Bella, Auntie Em, my board crushes, how y’all doin’?

Lisa Ann, did the move go okay? How are you liking Portland so far?

Lib, my man, how’s life?

And also, I would like any other lurkers to feel free to post here just to say, hi, I’m here, and even though you don’t hear from me much, I’m out here groovin’.

And by the way, no, I’m not drunk…this is only my fourth beer…or is it fifth?

Does whiskey count as beer?

Are you that Fenris guy? Why haven’t you written any of your song parodies lately? :wink:
To be honest, I didn’t notice, but I tend to not notice someone’s absence until I see a post from them and think, “hey, I haven’t seen that poster in a while.”

Good to know you’re still out there. Laid off, huh? Mind if I ask how the job prospects are looking?

I’m the same way as Eonwe, usually… which means I didn’t really notice till now. Glad to see you’re back though.


:shaking my tiny fist:
You know, I’m not that far from Vermont right now, I could come up there and pinch you…


Well now, that’s a very good question, and one I intend to look into soon after I return to Portland (this Friday).

See, it was a pretty amicable parting of ways, and they gave me a whopping great severance check. So I’ve just been enjoying an extended holiday vacation so far, and haven’t even started looking for a new job yet. You may read me bitching about my job search in the weeks to come. Or not. We’ll see.

Yeah, actually, I’m the same way too. Thanks anyway though. :slight_smile:

You seem vaguely familiar. :smiley:

Joking aside, you were missed. Remembered your talking about the job thing, so knew you were going. Hope you’ve enjoyed your vacation, now get a job ya lazy bum and use your employer’s time to surf the boards.

Washte and I will be visiting her mother in Oregon sometime this year (maybe April/May), be nice to get together and have a mini Oregonian Dopefest.


Believe it or not, I thought about you just this week. So at least one person noticed your absence. :slight_smile:

Welcome back, at least for the short time - and don’t be such a stranger. :slight_smile:

[Eeyore]Thanks for noticing.[/Eeyore]

Thanks, all. :slight_smile:

Narrad, yeah? You’re giving me the warm fuzzies.

Kal, sounds good. Drop a line when you have more concrete plans. There’s a few of us who can usually be counted on to show up for fests. Although one of us (Atreyu) is moving to Detroit soon.

But I’m in, and I bet we can get Bumbazine and the Czar of Casm, and maybe Smashie. And Lisa Ann and Mr. Ann recently moved up here.

Anyway, a good long board surfing session last night (especially the Polycarp Emergency Fund thread—had me in tears. You guys rock!) convinced me I need to get an ISP at home. I’ll try to not be such a stranger.