To me (and I’m guessing to others in or close to my age) “Lust for Life” refers to Vincent van Gogh, someone who also struggled, but who is admired today. It’s a good screen name.

L4L, I don’t think we’ve ever crossed paths, but I wish you all the best. It was brave of you to post here where sincere expressions of feeling sometimes get stomped on. I’m so glad the responses have been positive. Many of us here have strong opinions and sometimes [del]hit people over the head with them[/del]… er… express them passionately.

Lately I’ve noticed how I fly off the handle and snap at people IRL and have vowed to dial it down. You have given me hope that I can do that.

Thanks everyone , you’re stars !

Your post makes my day. Thank you, and good luck.

I don’t think I’ve run across any of your posts, but ditto this: