Lying Scum: a rant

Has anyone ever had dealings with MCI long distance when they didn’t lie through their teeth?

Back in 1999, my wife agreed to switch to their long distance service because of savings they promised. They then refused to give us the savings certificates they promised, and only agreed to the terms after a few very heated e-mails and calls. After our six-month trial was up, we dropped them like a hot boulder and went elsewhere.

Several months later, they called me about signing up. I told them to put me on their do not call list. They told me I was a customer, so that didn’t apply. I very forcefully told them I had cancelled the service. They looked it up and told me I had been put in their “inactive customer” file. This allowed them to harass me even though I didn’t pay them anything. I told them to remove me completely as a customer. The calls stopped.

Last year, I got a letter saying MCI was going to add a monthly charge for the long distance service they hadn’t provided me for two years. I screamed at them until they finally took my name off the records.

Now, just last month, there is a $5 fee for a one-minute call from MCI. I never made the call. My wife never made the call. I contacted MCI and they said they’d remove it.

I called them yesterday about it. They hadn’t removed the charge. They called it a “random charge.” In other words, the charge was made without any specific reason. They just felt one day like charging me for something. I was not particularly happy with that. I asked to talk to a supervisor. He, at least, went to the trouble to look up my previous attempt; it would take three weeks to hear anything (my guess is that they set this up so people would pay the money, and they could earn a little interest on it before giving it back). He gave me a complaint address. Then I asked for a phone number.

“They don’t have a phone number,” he said.

Now, please. MCI is a PHONE COMPANY.

And when their employees are sick, they can’t call in? If the president of MCI wants to congratulate the manager for the money he’s been making the company for bogus billing, he can’t? If someone breaks a leg at work, they can’t call for an ambulance? Did the manager really think anyone would believe that?

Maybe they’re not allowed to give it out, but why lie about it? Never mind, that’s a rhetorical question (though look up Harry Truman’s comment about Richard Nixon’s truthfulness).

Frankly, I’d like nothing better than have the bankruptcy judge break MCI up into tiny parts and stomp on them.

Something tells me this is more of a Pit thread…