Lying sequential thread

Small breasted ladies, a question, please?
What can you still do while drunk?

**Why fear of death is a great diet plan.
Weight loss surgery dopers: I’m coming!

It’s Snake! On a Plane!
Pat Robertson’s plane crashed!!!**

From the Daily Mail website, two article headings:

**‘Why I had my breasts removed at 24’
‘My back was so bent it was slowly killing me’ **

From the Pit:

**Men: Do you EVER do what you say you’re going to do?

Go To Fucking Hell, You Soulless Shrill Bitch!**

**Small-breasted ladies, a question please?

Do giant Inflatable Apes Really Close the Sale?**
Naw, they’re just compensating with the giant inflatable apes…

I have a feeling that “small-breasted ladies” thread is going to be a gold mine for sequential threads. you can put so many things after it.

** You just pried something out of your belly button…
EVERYTHING we have comes from EVERYWHERE **

**Day of the Beast
Unbelievable: my cat was playing with a real live bobcat! **

Excuse me…
You just pried something out of your belly button…

**Devil Day: What odd things happened today?
Somebody’s Recycling SDMB Posts! **

From the Pit, which may get me a reservation on that hell-bound train:

Hucking And Bucking But No Fucking - Poor Chicken
Alberto Gonzales: Child Pornographer

**How come you Americans haven’t Impeached Bush yet?

Japanese. Tentacle. Porn. **
What can we say? we’re too easily distracted by salacious things.

Got some true classics here this morning:

From Humble Opinion:

So You Think You Can Dance"


Can You Tango?

Small Breasted Ladies, Question Please?


Do You Wear a Watch?

And from MPSIMS:

Devil Baby Born in Bristol


I Love My Daughter, But Sometimes… :eek:

**Zarqawi killed in bombing.
Randomly hilarious moments **

books seat next to Otto’s

SDMB front page:

How does same sex marriage “violate” the sanctity of marriage?
I didn’t know you cook that/eat that raw!

** Questions about Power Walking
How the hell do SFO city bus drivers do it? **

WHY do SFO city bus drivers do power walking?

**My son stuck a crayon up his nose
You just pried something out of your belly button…
What new hell is this? **


**If Jack Bauer were an octopus **

**Wouldn’t that be great? **

digital tampons
Completely different interpretation of ‘bloody’
Tampons - gfactor delivers!

**How much do you know about your conception (ultimate TMI!!!)?
Medical Professionals, What Embarrassing Sexual Injuries Have You Witnessed? **

Is conception really an “embarrassing sexual injury”?

“Soy muy embarazado!”