Lying telemarketing scum: part 87

I know…the OP title is a bit redundant…but how else does one describe this?

Telespammers have often claimed that they don’t want to “bother” people who are truly never interested in their products/services.

Here’s a clue, Waldo…if Joe and Jane Citizen have a Telezapper on their phone (or have downloaded the tone from the internet and saved it to an answering machine)…it means that they never, repeat never wish to deal with telespammers.

Likewise, if Joe and Jane are using Caller ID to monitor inbound calls…and not answering the “out of area” or “unavailable” calls…it generally means that they don’t want to deal with telespammers.

Of course Castel says:

But note where this wonderful new technology is advertised : The DMNews “The online newspaper of record for direct marketers”.

Huh…so this technology is only for debt collection.

yeah…and this 6 foot bong in your closet is only for smoking pixie dust. :rolleyes:

(ftr, no I don’t have a telezapper or the tone on my answering machine)

Only the second pit thread about this in 2 hours time…


Yep. I’m a moron.

Pretend you don’t see this thread and move on. Nothing to see here.

Sure, you don’t have a telezapper. . .

But you never denied having a six foot bong in your closet.

I’m closing this redundant thread, even if it IS a worthy topic.

And I’d tell you what I want telezapped (hint: it ain’t the OP) but then I’d have to edit my own message.