Lynn Bodoni just hit 1000 posts. Should we tell her?

Happy 1000 Lynn!

Now you’ve done it. Expect a big guy (with a bat) named Vinnie to stop by your house soon.

Lynn hates happiness. That’s why she’s the Lady of the Pit. :smiley:

Indeed, just by appearing in this thread, SPOOFE and I are marked for death. In hindsight, perhaps it was a bad idea to even open the reply window…

I’ve developed such a healthy respect for Her Pitness that, when we discuss fonts in my graphic design class and the prof mentions a certain type family, I develop a twitch visible from the space shuttle.

My goodness, Juni… last I saw, you were a newbie with eighty posts, and now, suddenly, you’re at nearly 300… I feel like I don’t post enough :slight_smile:

Oh, and happy thousand, Lynn! (Don’t hurt me!)


That’s bullshit SPOOFE. No woman who likes chocolate could not like happiness.

Here lynn, to celebrate 1000 posts, I present you with 1000 pounds of chocolate.

Well, at least you don’t get free fonts from As a matter of fact, I think anyone that clicks on that link is doomed.

Oh, and happy 1000, Lynn. :smiley:

Happy1000th, oh Queen of The Pit…and as the youngins say…you rock!

Congrats, Lynn- you know that I am rather close with a Source for See’s don’t you? Think about it…

Oops. I just clicked on the link.

And you know, Lynn had 4,000 posts until that a-hole Euty deleted most of them. :slight_smile:

And, oldscratch, just make sure that’s not Hershey’s chocolate.

Lynn: Good for you :smiley:

Let’s see… 160 calories/oz… 2million560thousand calories.

Each 1800 excess calories adds a pound of fat…

So that would make Lynn 1,422 lbs. heavier. (I guess the extra 442 lbs are “water weight”)

Maybe you’d better skip the chocolate and send a card.

Oh no. Lynn is a Bona-Fide Goddess, you see, and the moment chocolate crosses her lips, it becomes as healthy as a stick of celery, without losing any of it’s sweet goodness.

She can do all kinds of nifty things like that. :smiley:

So, Lynn, where would you like me to send this gift certificate for a lifetime supply of Godiva, Ghirardelli, and Lindt?

Happy 1000, and thank you for not killing me! :smiley:

In honor of your milestone, I promise to never, ever spell your name wrong again. :slight_smile:

And in honor of Lynn’s milestone, I promise to ALWAYS spell her name wrong henceforth (I never have before). :smiley:

I’m touched, really. And Persephone, would you PLEASE inform my doctor about this aspect of My Diety? She keeps insisting that chocolate is BAD for me!

Congratulations Lynn-

And thank you for all of the hard work you do in keeping this place wonderful. Or at least preventing anyone from killing anyone else. Or both. Yeah, both!