Lynn Bodoni, you were right. BUT...

In this thread , you were right in stating that this thread didn’t meet the guidelines for a BBQ Pit thread.

BUT… couldn’t you have simply moved the thread to MPSIMS, and allowed the fun to continue? sperfur’s limerick writing skills were a lot of fun to read, the thread should have continued to prosper in another forum.

(Yes, it’s a semi-lame complaint, but I just wanted to say that

is a rather cold splash of water on innocent fun.)

Jeez, and Lynn also forbade you to go open another thread in the correct forum? What a meanie.

I totally agree that was an option.

I really was an observer in the thread, making one obscure comment.

This was just a way of asking, “Next time, could you move the thread and keep the continuity?”

I agree moving the thread would have been a much better solution. Closing it seemed, well, rather silly.

I wrote a limerick for Lynn last night but didn’t want to open a pit rant about her closing the thread (since my whole OP would have been the limerick below, and I didn’t want to piss her off).

I figured the reason she didn’t move the thread was because the point of the whole thing was we were in the pit (even though we were being nice and it really was MPSIMS) and we were pretending to pit people. So I wasn’t too upset about her closing it - although we were having fun.

Lynn Bodoni, you closed our thread
Now its all cold and dead
I would say you suck
And you can go screw a duck
But that might just give you a big head

Thank you for the compliments, Thunder. If you want to open a MPSIMS thread to do some more limericks, I’ll join you. Just put a link in this thread so I can find it. :slight_smile:

I would like to add that although I did not participate in that thread, the limericks brought many a smile to my face. Thanks for that, sperfur.

And IMHO, it was rather rude to close such a fun and good-humored thread instead of simply moving it.

ps - I was particularly impressed with the speed in which sperfur was able to churn out some very witty stuff. Impressive.

It is much simpler and less taxing on the server to close a thread than to move one. It’s closed. Open a new on in the correct forum if you so desire. Whining about it does you no favors.

Oh please. Closing a thread and allowing a new one to be opened elsewhere to continue the topic is no less taxing on the server than moving it. And, FWIW, it didn’t seem like anyone was whining about it. If merely stating an opinion is whining, then that’s all all people on this board do all day.

Color me surprised that that thread got closed and this, this, and this are all threads doing the same thing. Guess you gotta know somebody.

Here’s the new Limerick thread.

Complete with a coding error, too. :rolleyes: