Lynndie England is sexy

Does this bitch look like fucking Popeye or what?
I’ve read that she’s pregnant. There was that song by the who that asked “Who are You?”.
Weird Al should do a version called “Who fucked you?”. How drunk was that guy?
There’s something about what she did that makes her twice as unattractive as she really is!
Thanks for embarrassing not only my country, but the fine men & women who serve the military with honor, and uncommon valor!! CUNT!:mad:

Lynddie England is fucking Popeye?

Hey! Leave Popeye out of this! The only part of Popeye that doesn’t rust is the bit he sticks in Olive Oil!

I’ve said all along that she was a dead ringer for Alfred E. Neuman.

Any bets on when the first photoshopped images of someone pointing at her belly and giving a thumbs-up are going to start floating around the net?

There’s things that people can be attractive for other than their looks. Not saying it’s the case with her, but you can’t always tell a fucked-up dishonorable scumbag by its cover.

He could do the same title and parody “Who Made Who?” by AC/DC.

Ms. England is - or soon, was - what is known in the Army as a “ditch pig.” And when there ain’t much else around, they start to look pretty good. So I guess that explains it.

Popeye? Naw. I’m thinking Manuel Noriega.

Can we change the thread title before my brain explodes?

No, not Popeye. She looks like Lee Van Cleef, the guy who played Ugly in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Golly gee whiz, she ain’t that bad. You shouldn’t tie physical beauty, or lack thereof, to personal malfeasance. A homely brown lass, maybe, but not truly physically unattractive. The Marine glower doesn’t add much for femininity, but let her hair down, get her to smile, and put her in a sheer silk negligee, then she wouldn’t look half bad.

Of course, I remember a time when I made the comment that Lorena Bobbitt was kind of cute.

Angel Eyes

Hmm…I’m just sitting here thinking of the time I made unflattering (okay, downright insulting) remarks about Michael Moore’s appearance in an attempt to analyze why he seems to need so badly to portray everyone but himself (every American, that is) as stupid. I was roundly excoriated, and to tell the truth, probably justifiably so. I’m wondering where are all those people now?

I guess it just depends on whose ox is being gored.

I’ve heard that they’re making a sequel to The Goonies, with the original cast members.

If so, can we get Lynndie to be Sloth’s female love interest? Hell, I think she’d pass for his daughter with just a little makeup.

Um…no she’s not. Eww.

She is pregnant right? then I wonder what kind of monster comes out of her.

She doesn’t strike me as being particularly hideous in appearance. I wonder how many of you fucks would pass the attractive test if your mug was in the news.


Anybody’d who’d fuck her was too lazy to jerk off.

Well, if pkbites is correct: this kind.

Well, this is going to amaze the hell out of you, but i agree.

What England did was, in my opinion, reprehensible, but i really don’t see how her looks have anything to do with it. And why is it that this focus on looks is almost always directed at unlikable women? It’s not especially common for guys to be judged in this way, but let a woman be anything other than model-perfect, and her looks instantly become some sort of symbol of her malfeasance.

Same sort of thing happened, although in a “positive” rather than a “negative” sense, at the Olympics. All we got from NBC and from a variety of other media outlets were comments on how attractive the women were, on how Amanda Beard is the “pin-up girl of the pool,” and long, lingering cheesecake shots of the beach volleyballers’ bellies. God forbid that we actually focus on their athletic ability rather than on how attractive they are.

Lee Van Cleef’s character, Angel Eyes (as already pointed out), was actually the Bad in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Eli Wallach, playing Tuco, was the the Ugly.