M __ N __ R __ H

…can be “monarch” or “menorah.”

I smell m __ r __ j __ a __ a.

Nah, actually I’m filling in a cryptic crossword – got the clues a few days ago, but the grid was wrong; just got the corrected grid.

King of the Jews?

You’re creating a crossword? By hand?

Could also be Mr. North.

So was there a clue maybe? Something to help select between those two options? Any chance at least one letter could be something else? Any chance it is more than one word?

My North would fit if it could be made to make sense.
Minor Oh or Minor Ah might make for some funny “definitions.”

No, I’m test-solving one (a cryptic). I’ve been working on the clues for a couple of days, but just now got the right grid, so I’m filling in the answers I’ve already figured out. I saw “M-N-R-H” reading down and thought “monarch,” but then looked at the clue and realized it was “menorah.”

I used to be in the puzzle biz, and still do some test-solving for my former employer with stuff that’s too hard for anyone else. :cool:

I like this better than My North. Especially if the clue is Oliver.

Or menarch.

Nope – that’s “menarche.”

Hmmm. M __ N __ R __ H. If you’re allowing abbreviations, what about MR NORTH?

I made the same guess, but twicks points out that we missed the e.

Yes, I personally find looking at the clues to be a big help with crossword-solving.

Well, the feminine version, sure.

wait a minute…

I got “Menorah” but was assuming that only vowels were missing.

When I saw the subject I immediately thought “menorah,” even though I’m not Jewish and I was born in a town known for monarch butterflies. The kingly “monarch” didn’t occur to me until just now.

I’m slipping… :frowning: :wink:

Could it be Mr North?

M R North

M R Not

We haven’t tried Mr North’s wife or mother: Ma North.