Mac users, help! Re: synching iCal

I just purchased a MacPro desktop to go with my MacBook Pro laptop, and I’m wondering if there’s any easy way to synchronize iCal on the two. When I first got the MacPro, I just exported my calendar from the MacBook over to the desktop. But now I have some appointments set on my desktop computer, and some on my laptop, so I have to compare the two manually and set the appointment. I assume there must be some easy way to do this.

On a second note, can I do the same thing with Mail and all my mailboxes? My Inbox is fine, because both computers pull from the same POP server, but I may have some Sent Items on one computer, other replies on the other computer, and so on.

My home network is set up so all computers can communicate with each other over the wireless.

If you have a .Mac account, then you can do everything you described through .Mac syncing.

I don’t know what source you’re pulling your email from, but most of them have an option to store sent messages on the server rather than on your local computer.

I don’t see anyway to do this from Mail. Or am I supposed to look at my mail server account?

All I know is that when I use webmail (access my email through http), my sent messages get saved in the mailbox. I’m not sure where to look for saving sent messages through my SMTP access.

Secondly, I can’t find a way for Mail to pull my Sent items off the POP server. All the Sent items in my mailbox go back to when I got this computer. If I want to look for older sent mail, I need to login to my webmail account.