mac_bolan00: racist, stupid, racist, and can't work the shift key

Not so long as we can keep reactionary fucktards like yourself out of power, no.

No, because they were there first. With the possible exception of the Basques, the Native Europeans disapearded a long, long time ago. Saying that modern Europeans are native to Europe is like saying that White people are the natives of America. Just cause we killed most of the people who beat us here dosen’t mean we were first.

most of your replies to me start with “i don’t see…”

Did you read Neil Risch’s paper which I also linked, or did you just read the NY Times summary? Risch particularly addresses the example of Ethiopians.

Also, in terms of categorization if you’re going to say that the existence of fuzzy boundaries invalidates the concept, then you might as well do away with various animal subspecies groupings and even some species classifications. Also, as Dobzhansky pointed out over 40 years ago:

We argued all this previously.

he didn’t get it. just because i’m being pitted doesn’t mean i can’t crack a joke. at islam even.

“who is it in the press that calls on me? i hear a tongue shriller than all the music cry ‘mac!’ speak. ‘mac’ is turned to hear.”

I thought I’d spend a second and speak up for the “racist” ideals here.

While I am fully aware that the biological concept of a race, or rather genetic phenotypes, is not only not very solid or divisible, but also has, according to the latest research, virtually no bearing on things like intelligence, there is still something wrong with the massive influx of northern Africans and Arabs to Europe.

You see, I live in a small town in Bavaria. Sounds like it would be a mostly white, fairly conservative farming community, right? Well guess what: Mainburg has the highest concentration of first- and second-generation Turkish immigrants of anywhere in Germany, at 33%. And with these immigrants comes something of which I cannot approve: their religious culture. Now, while I’m certainly not going to say something stupid like “they’re all terrorists”, I will say that I oppose this immigration and these people for two reasons.

The first is that the second-generation immigrants, the ones who have been “westernized”, are virtually all wanna-be gangsters. No, this is not generalizing–virtually ever single one of them in town (and I know quite a few) are running around acting like arrogant douchebag gangster wannabes. This was not a problem with the first-generation immigrants; they’re generally fairly upstanding citizens who do well for themselves despite racial adversity. But somehow, this is not the case with the new generation. And the results are… well, they aren’t pretty, I’ll tell you that much.

The second is that these people are generally way more religious than the average German around here. I could name one classmate of mine who goes to church more than a few times a year, and she sings in the church choir. It’s generally a fair assumption that a young person is either an atheist or doesn’t really give two shits. The arabs and turks… Not so much. This is a pet peeve of mine, but when my turkish friends (two of those who don’t constantly act like dicks) say shit like “Pork is disgusting” or refuse to drink alcohol because it goes against their religion (and this is Germany! Drinking culture is a big deal, even among teenagers!)… It scares the crap out of me. I am not a big fan of the values of any abrahamic religion, but Islam is especially bad in my opinion.

So, in short: There is kind of a ghettoization happening, the immigrants are often a problem due to their culture, and it’s not racist to point that out.

No I’m not. Have you ever heard an African drum line? That shit gets you pumped. When you hear that shit, it makes you want to run harder and faster than you ever have in tour life. That’s what fucking CERN needs.

There was a big hulabaloo about how those Europeans may or may not have gotten something to run faster than light, but they couldn’t do the math and measure it right. But, that’s what the asians are good at - math. So that’s what I’m saying. We need to get an African drumline up in CERN banging on their drums to make the particle run fast enough, and a bunch of slant eyed motherfuckers running the instruments. If we do that we’ll find the Higg’s bosan and possibly Tupac’s lost album.

i wish i could thank some people here for trying to make the pitting more objective (i’m not looking for defenders.) but i’m sorry i have neither budget player cadet’s writing skills nor his temperament.

charter members and moderators reduced to name-calling. que horror!

Mac_bolan has said there are white slums and Afro-Asian slums. And he said he was concerned that “much of the US and europe is starting to look like an afro-asian slum”.

So I asked a fair question. Is he also concerned about the United States and Europe looking like a white slum? If he is concerned about slums in general, why did he specify Afro-Asian slums in his post? If he is specifically concerned only about Afro-Asian slums and not white slums, what non-racial reasons does he have for making this distinction?

Mac, I have respect for Budget Palyer Cadet’s viewpoint. But you insinuated that immigration will wipe out music and science. I have to mock that. It’s incredibly stupid.

i thought that with the growth of slums (color-neutral) everyone has to be hypenated, much like wearing a 6-pointed star?

I wasn’t aware of this. But I understand why it would happen if most of your responses have been as off topic as that one is.

ermm… why can’t people get it? orthodox shiites ban music in public places. i don’t think muslims ban the study of math or science (they did invent algebra.) so it was a half-baked joke towards our muslim brothers at best.

but yeah, i’m incredibly stupid, and so is your african drum line and the CERN.

Let me repeat the question. Why do you feel Afro-Asian slums are more of a problem than white slums?

i didn’t say that. and i’m not obligated to fully explain why i would single out afro-asians.

Actually there are mean population differences which result in some groups being overrepresented in some areas and underrepresented in others. This ethnic inequality creates tension and leads to demands for special treatment.

This is true. You have no obligation to say that. You have no obligation to say anything, this is just a message board. However if you want anyone to take what you say seriously, then you need to help them understand your viewpoint. Otherwise they will just start to ignore you.

You’re right on all counts there. But my comments were tongue in cheek, yours were not. Lets’ get back to the comment in question. The one that started the OP. “much of the US and europe is starting to look like an afro-asian slum.”

How much?

to be honest, i’d rather be pitted than ignored. SD was starting to feel sluggish up to today.

thanks for the honor, guys. anyone passing by my house is welcome to that unopened cask of amontillado that i keep in my cellar. :wink:

Not at all. First, being aware of one’s heritage and identifing with it is in no way or shape similar to be legally required to publically identify your ethnicity to all who see you. Second, slum=/=ghetto. Slums have nothing to do with racial division.