Mad Cow Disease? Woman Arrested for being Disorderly in Cow Suit

Being dressed as a cow doesn’t itself seem to have anything to do with it:

My favorite line:

Go to the site. There’s a picture.

Maybe she got out of her pasture through a hole in the fence, and then was just running around confused. That happens sometimes.

I read it on a different site. There was more detail, but I can’t find it to link. One point made is she wears costumes for no reason, and the cow is just another one. I think she’s one damned ugly Holstein. She would have done better as a Golden Guernsey. She has the teats all wrong. They never get the teats right. She had the cows pee all over part right.

Here’s another report, with only marginally more detail:

This one’s even shorter, but with an interesting line:

AND this one:

I like this line:

The Smoking Gun has her arrest report:


But what would the milk taste like?

Irish cream.

They don’t report whether she was facing north.

I don’t know, but PETA wants Ben & Jerry’s to make ice cream out of it.

Band name.

I thought this was going to be PETA related but I guess it was just your average everyday crazy individual.

Oh my god! I clicked on the link to see the picture and…


No, really! It was a Halloween costume I bought at Wal-Mart a few Years ago and kept. I think I actually threw it away last year, after I covered it in fake blood and McDonald’s wrappers. (I was a zombie cow come to feast on the flesh of my kind.) It was definitely the exact same cow suit, though.

Given her history, it’s not inconceivable that she went through your garbage.

Please elaborate!

My vet F-I-L usually charges 25 cents per preg check.
She’s gonna be more.

The local news report talked about how udderly ridiculous this was and I realized what was missing here. I feel like we are falling down on the job here if we haven’t milked this story for all the puns we can, no matter how cheesy they may be.

Is this a Too Close for Comfort reference? If so, it may be the most obscure pop cultural reference I’ve ever gotten. Behold my geekiness, ye nerds, and tremble!

The whole thing is udderly ridiculous. I was moo-ved to tears.


Note the size of the udder and the size of the teat. They always get it wrong. They shouldn’t stick out like four erections unless the udder is full to bursting or being milked.

I’ll add this little extra. Cows often have extra teats on the udder, but four is the normal number that are producing milk. Sometimes five or more will produce milk. These are supernumerary teats

Not even if she’s … um … aroused?

Band name!