Mad Men 2.10: The Inheritance, 10/05/08 (open spoilers)

Pete and Trudy are thinking of adopting!? Think of the story possibilities.:wink: Is it just me or does Betty’s father look like John McCain?:eek:

I thought the same thing.

Was this not the creepiest episode for Betty? First her father feels her up, which would have made me vomit but somehow she kept her composure. Then, Glenn the 10 year old propositions her. She has floor sex with Don, but still doesn’t let him move home. What is going on with her? Will she and Don really stay broken up? Her convo with the divorcee sure made it seem so.

I guess Roger really is with Jane and not Joan. Joan does not seem to be talking to Roger, and who can blame her? Her malicious glee in telling Paul he wasn’t going to CA seemed like displaced rage to me.

Pete clearly still has feelings for Peggy, such as they are considering the source. I hope Peggy is as over him as she seems. It will be interesting seeing what he and Don get up to in CA.

Wasn’t just you.

This one seemed slower than the past several. Nothing much happened (and it felt like nothing happened) except for Betty’s storyline completely creeping me out.

Really enjoyed this one–

I was rooting for Don and Peggy to go to LA. I enjoyed how he keeps validating her… he can be so dismissive of his wife, but gavitates to strong, confident women.

The Glenn/Betty thing might be the creepiest “romance” in the history of television. Interesting the immediate bond between Betty and Glenn’s mom once they found themselves in the same boat, so to speak.

Very weird how the only sincere moment of happiness that Betty seemed to enjoy from the last several episodes was when she was sitting on the couch with Glenn. She had a smile on her face and it didn’t seem forced for his benefit; maybe there really is something to Don’s complaint that “she has the emotions of a child”, or whatever it was. After getting her boob honked by daddy-o. Very strange.

Where are we going with the story line about Paul and his black girlfriend?

At first I thought when Betty visited Don on the floor for a little ‘hard wood on the hardwood’, it was Don dreaming. I’m still not entirely convinced it wasn’t.

I think Hildy still wants Harry.

Glenn creeps me out. I mean CREEPS me out :eek:

I get the feeling that we might not be seeing Paul again, esp after he told his girlfriend “There haven’t been any shootings down there for awhile.”

After she said she’d wash his clothing I was half expecting him to walk back in to the room in his undies or less.:eek: Still Betty did the proper this (albeit after a few hours) and called Helen. I highy doubt Betty will actually cross the line with Glenn. I’m shocked the Sterling left his wife for Jane! How much time has passed since the last episode (which took place around Aug 5th per Monroe’s death)? There was no mention of Freddy.

That’s where I saw them going with it too.

I think Betty was feeling vulnerable because of her father’s illness, and sleeping with Don was a source of comfort. I really thought she was going to let him come home. But I suspect she also liked the power of messing with his head.

Yeah, Betty is a daddy’s girl who still has the emotions of a child in some ways. She needs to feel worshipped and put on a pedestal by men, so Glenn’s crush makes her feel good even if she knows it’s inappropriate.

The race riots in Mississippi over the admittance of James Meredity into Ole Miss took place on October 1st, 1962. Two people died and 75 were injured. Seems that Paul and his girlfriend could be heading down to march preceding this somehow. That would put our current timeline between August 5th and Oct 1st. Probably mid to late September.

The conversation between Betty and Helen Bishop seemed very weird to me. When Helen started with the “I don’t know what’s going on here, but it has to stop,” it seemed to me that the only reasonable response would be something like “Whatever do you think might possibly be going on here?” They went from weird disconnect to empathy-sympathy without addressing this bizarre accusation.

Actually, I thought Paul was being really annoying on the bus and I expected the rest of the passengers to toss him off.

I think that guy is annoying period. I hope they do ax his character down in the South because he is completely obnoxious and uninteresting to me.

Doesn’t Glenn look like mini-Don, with that dark hair and the side part?

I don’t want Paul to get shot, but if the killing happens while he’s there, it’ll be a wake-up call. He’ll either get socially conscious for real or he’ll hightail it back to the city and hide.

This episode felt like a real turning point for some of the characters. That last shot with Don in the plane and Telstar (great music choice) – nothing’s going to be the same, change is coming, the future is here. I got a hollow feeling in my stomach, like stepping off into the great unknown.

TWOPers have been wanking about Pete adopting Peggy’s baby. I thought it was a bit too Desperate Housewives for this show, but maybe they’re on to something.

I liked the scenes at Betty’s family home. I don’t care for Gloria much, but it was a nice bit – showing what happens when you join a family that has a long history that you weren’t part of.

That too.

Also—does it feel to anyone else here that Don’s flight to LA might be him fleeing his home life to try and start over?

We were told they were going down to register voters. Still, the activists were met with plenty of violence. But there are several ways that Paul’s consciousness can be raised.

“Race Riots” were a later phenomenon–generally occurring in Northern cities.

I remember all this stuff from Current Events. But I’m glad MM is encouraging research into the Civil Rights Movement…

No, there’s some mutual dislike going on there. I can’t remember exactly why. I think it started when Joan first met Paul’s black girlfriend? Or the night of the reading of Paul’s play? (It was Paul’s play, wasn’t it?)

Displaced rage too. It happened right after someone made a crack about Roger and Jane at the baby shower. No puppy to kick, just Paul.

But if it had been anyone but Paul, she probably would have written the memo instead of embarrassing him in public.

Joan and Paul dated. He asked her why it didn’t work out with them and she said, “Because you have a big mouth.” Then, she was irritated by his pretentiousness and thought he was dating a black woman to show off his liberal credentials, and she called him on it, so he posted a copy of her driver’s license on the office bulletin board. Thus, much bad blood. I think she took out her rage at Roger on Paul, which was both convenient and satisfying.