Mad Men 2.9: Six Months Leave, 9/28/08 (open spoilers)

It’s been a whole fortnight since the last new episode. Has Betty let Don come home yet (or do we get to see him parading around the office in tighty-whities ;))?

Holy cow-- what an ending!!!

Peggy’s promotion is huge. From sharing an office with the copier (& not having a secretary) to handling all Freddie’s accounts. She’s also taken to calling Don by his first name in front of others. I love the mentor/protégée relationship she has with Don. Of course everyone else in the office it going to take it for granted that she sold out Freddie. Joan as the next Mrs Sterling? :eek: That was quite unexpected.

Wait, is it Joan? I thought it was the new secretary. Isn’t that why Don was pissed at her?

On another note, is Roger the coolest boss in the history of mankind or what?

I think Peggy’s safe from the Freddy fallout. Pete’s secretary knows who told, and she’ll let everyone else know.

But why didn’t Peggy tell Don? If he’d known, maybe he could have gotten to Roger first, left Pete and Duck out of it.

I realized tonight that the only thing that interests me about Betty is her relationship with Don. The writers have done a good job, marginalizing her.

Can somebody tell me if the writers got it right – the reactions at Monroe’s death? I remember people being surprised (but not too surprised) but mostly I remember speculation and judgment. I don’t remember an outpouring of grief.

ETA: Don’t care for Jane and Roger. Writers being tricksie, trying to make us think she’d set her cap for Don. It’ll be fun to watch though, especially when Joan finds out.

Peggy feels alot of loyalty toward Freddy (more so than anyone except Don), but she can be very naive. It just never occured to her that Pete would do that. They’re going to sleep together again before the end of the season.

No. There’s no way Sterling would leave his wife over Jane. Sure he’d screw her, but he’s been pining for Joan ever since she cut him off and got engaged.

So why was Don pissed at his secretary?

You wouldn’t think so, but if it’s not Jane, the writers are being tricksie again. Twice in one episode! Bastards.

I’m heading over to AMC to look for clarification.

Well, there’s nothing at the website that clarifies Joan or Jane. I don’t know if they put everything up on Sunday or if they add to it during the week.

But I think you’re right – Roger still loves Joan. If I had to fanwank, I’d wank that Roger’s slept with Jane and that Jane thinks she’s the reason for the breakup (hence the tears), but the real reason is that Roger wants Joan, and the only way he’ll get her is to marry her.

If Don claims he feels such relief at being kicked out of the marital home, why does he want to go back? This is his chance to end the marriage. I’m sure Betty would let him go at this point.

And Don’s look of disgust at Roger after finding out he’s leaving his wife was a study in hypocrisy. What, it’s OK to get kicked out for infidelity and lie in your wife’s face, but if you actually leave her and are open, it’s a crime? Though I have to say, Roger’s wife marching in to Don’s office and blaming him for Roger’s decision was bizarre and seemed like something that would happen in a TV show rather than real life, so that the viewers could see Roger interacting with Jane and his wife in front of Don.

If Roger’s not leaving his wife for Jane, the ending of this ep was seriously misleading.

Betty makes no sense to me whatsoever. She never has. But tonight with the kids - what was she expecting? To just say nothing to her children and hope they didn’t notice that their dad was on the longest business trip ever?

And then to be mad at him because they noticed?

She might get away with it with friends, and neighbors, and co-workers, and outside family. And I can see getting angry if he spilled the beans to one of them. but the kids noticing - that’s an obvious consequence of kicking your husband out. Even if he really deserved it.

I also can’t tell who Roger is convinced he’s in love with and whether Don wants to dump Jane because it’s her or because she’s been a lousy secretary.

That sounds about right to me.

I think Don dumped Jane because she was being too familiar. Remember he chastised her for giving him compassionate looks and buying him shirts. He may be a dog, but a secretive dog. I think he’s offended by the idea that she’d assume he’d bone his secretary - in that office, everyone would know. I think he’s angry/offended with Jane for so obviously trying to manipulate him. He doesn’t respond well to femine whiles (um… let’s just go with that spellling, ok?). The women he really gets turned on by are strong and don’t conform to the 50’s ideal of womanhood.

I think Jane got on his nerves, and since she is to typically “female” he assumed he couldn’t trust her.

I think Freddy’s going to commit suicide.

Here’s what I want to know: WHY did Betty destroy the chair last ep? And is she trying to screw with her friend’s perfect marriage by manipulating that lunch date?

Also, I’d like to add that this show makes me feel so bad for my mother’s generation. So much pressure to conform. So much ennui suffocating smart women. So few opportunities, or at least the perception of fewer opportunities.

I feel bad for the men, too. How stiffling.

Don - for all his bad, bad behavior, seems to be a budding feminist even if he doesn’t realize it. I think he takes care of Peggy because he respects her.

He doesn’t know what to do next. He wants Betty to decide for him. “What do you want me to do?” He still hasn’t admitted to cheating so he can’t even promise to stop (even if she’d believe him). Isn’t it weird how he can be so honorable at work and so dishonorable in his private life?

He was living the American Dream and it wasn’t enough, or it was someone else’s dream. Now he’s just lost.

Youth, inexperience, and naivete. She was so focused on not betraying Freddy that she overlooked the best way to protect him. She’s just a kid, after all.

This is what I said to my wife as he and Roger were standing by the cab. With the whole Marilyn lead-in, it seemed obvious. Although, I was puzzled with Freddy’s whole problem in the first place. If he was so drunk in the office that he lost control of his bladder and passed out briefly at his desk, wouldn’t there be some outward signs of intoxication? At first I thought he had some medical problem unrelated to drinking. He didn’t appear to be drunk, just sort of pissed himself, and wasn’t immediately aware of it.

I was also a little surprised Roger didn’t take advantage of the situation when the woman at the private casino sort of presented herself to him and Don.

Yeah, can somebody clarify this? I didn’t get it.

Thank god someone else was confused - at first I though Freddy was narcoleptic or something. It wasn’t obvious to me or my husband that he was intoxicated until later when someone said he needed to “dry out.”

I’m also confused by Joan and Jane, but it’s clear that Roger is still in love with Joan.

Well, of course he is. Knowing Joan and not being in love with her would be fairly difficult.