Mad-Men 3.06, Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency (open spoiler)

So the chairman of Putnam, Powell & Lowe is coming for a visit (the day before the 4th of July, ouch). I’d be surprised if Joan’s unexpected news turns out to be pregnancy, though if it does I prefer it she got an abortion on the sly. We’ve already the other 2 female main characters have a baby and deal with that drama. Give Joan something different to deal with.

Nope, Joan isn’t pregnant. And she’s definitely got something different to deal with.


“Doctor said, ‘He’ll never golf again’…”

I think Roger said that Don received $500,000 from the sale of Sterling Cooper. Based on an online inflation calculator I found, that’s about 3.4 million today. But I think he’s still in the same house. So does he have a really fat bank account now?

And what did Lane do to deserve the transfer to Bombay?

That was so fucking awesome. Is Lois fired now, or is there a way for her to srewup bigger? How amusing that this whole time Joan’s apparently be training Moneypenny to take over as Office Manager. She’s so fucked now.

He was too good at what he does. Poor guy’s the victim of his own success.

Putnam, Powell & Lowe are bloody heartless, aren’t they? First they move Lane after less than a year, then they completely wrote off what’s-his-face’s post-foot career.

Speaking of which, did the screaming, bloody tore-up foot scene have to last so damn long? I felt ill by the end of it. It was obvious as soon as they brought out the lawnmower at the party that someone was going to get run over; they didn’t have to punctuate it with three minutes of screaming and blood.

I wonder if Joan’s going to swallow her pride and ask for her job back, or look for a job elsewhere? For the sake of the show, I hope she stays at Sterling-Cooper.

ETA: Anybody know what, if any, compensation what’s-his-foot can expect? Nobody at S-C or PP&L said or did anything to suggest that they’re expecting to get hit with a major lawsuit.

Talk about shifting gears – we could barely keep track of Draper’s conversation with Hilton after the lawnmower thing. When the mower came out the second time, I said “Someone’s going to put that thing through a wall.” I would have never guessed… that.

Roger was great between “It looks like Iwo Jima out there” and “Somewhere in the history of our business, this has happened before.” :smiley:

Don seemed like a bit of a dick with Hilton. I guess it works out in the immediate term judging from the previews for next week (in that he at least gets the chance at the account) but, Christ. He could be a little friendlier walking in the door.

I wasn’t expecting an amputation by lawn mower, as I assumed that they had enough sense to remove the blade before driving it into an office building. Instead, I figured that someone would get run over, or die from gasoline fumes.

And does this mean that they’ll lose the John Deere account?

BTW, what did Hilton mean when he suggested that Don was insufficiently aggressive? I think he expected Don to ask for an in-house job at Hilton Hotels, as head of marketing or some such thing.

If she does return to Sterling-Cooper ideally I’d like it if she was in a different position (say in Media), but that’s probally very unrealistic. She’s caught in between Peggy’s direction (career gal) and Betty’s (homemaker) and about to be pulled in half. It never occured to her that she would end up the breadwinner in the marriage. Come to think of it, how badly is Greg payed? Is (was) she really making more that him?

Oh, would losing a foot like that really be that big a deal in 1963? They had prosetic limbs and physical therapy in the 60s. He’d be able to walk again.

He turned pennies into pounds! I’ve only worked at one large company but I suspect it was typical. The bean counters got no respect from management or staff. They’d be told to find waste. They’d find it. There’d be layoffs, or new rules about the supply cabinet. No more fancy pens! Bics are all you need! Everybody ended up hating the bean counters, even though we knew the bean counter was just doing what management told them to do.

I’m curious about why he was asked to remove his spectacles.

How are they gonna get Joan back on the show?

Another ep where Betty parents ineffectively. Her lame gambit with the Barbie (“Don’t you know babies get faeries to do things for them?”) was doomed to fail, and then she says, “There’s nothing I can do!” All it took was Don sitting down with the baby and Sally, showing Sally that he’s just a baby, seemed to work wonders. The kid just needs a little attention.

What did it mean that Roger Sterling was left off the corporate chart like that? Was that just an oversight or was it pointed? And just what does he do anyway?

I too wonder how they will get Joan back. She can’t possibly be leaving the show.

Did you see how MM won an Emmy? I was a bit surprised when Matt spoke…Is he channeling his own creation, Salvatore? By the way, Jon looked fiiiine. Where was Christina?

Christina wasn’t nominated, so she didn’t have an official role in the Emmy show. But she showed up on the Red Carpet–looking spectacular, as usual.

I loved Pete’s response to the introduction. Guy says (paraphrasing) “I’ve heard impressive things about you!” and Pete says “I wish I could say the same.”

Sally, screaming at Barbie – that was right out of a horror movie. (Admit it – you laughed.) Great inspiration for a future horror story. Typically, parents have no clue what kind of stuff scares their kids. It’s been too long, and we’ve forgotten.

Pete is such an idiot. What’s wrong with simply saying, “Thank you.” And what was the meaning of the org chart description of the accounts department including “Mr. Campbell, for the present.” That’s the kind of thing he’s going to agonize over.

The funnier bit is that Cooper was placed off in an empty branch. Sterling was put under him when they drew him in.

It sure seems like they’re setting it up for an exodus of Sterling-Cooper. Jane is looking for a job, Peggy is entertaining other options, and no one is all that happy where they are.

It will be a bit stupid (i.e. improbable) for them to all end up at the competition with Duck, but that does seem to be the way they’re trying to take it.

Someone: “They say he’s going to lose his foot.”
Sterling: “And so soon after he got it in the door.”

Loved it.

I think we saw more emotion from Draper in this episode than we ever have. The unsuppressed smile on his face in bed while fantasizing about his expectations of a London appointment was one of the first we’ve seen, and the little shudder and guffaw-type thing he did in the barber’s chair, after he got the hot towel, seemed somewhat out of character for him.

Joan must be an expert at her ‘wifely duties’. “Go lay down and I’ll come in and undress you”. Yum.

Yeah, that was interesting. I suppose it could go either way - a promotion, or right back down. I expect it’ll make him reconsider Duck’s offer, though.

I forget the precise wording, but he said the exact same thing to Peggy as well. I suspect he would’ve said the same thing to anyone else they introduced him to. He’s an expert at flattery. Pete… not so much.

A lot of screaming in this episode. And a lot of little touches that I found really amusing.

Paul playing his guitar in his office as the Brits were walking by.

Peggy fainting into Pete’s arms at the sight of McKendrick’s mangled foot.

The cleaner wiping the blood from the frosted glass, and Harry’s reaction.

The Brits talking about McKendrick as if he were dead.

Lane comparing himself to Tom Sawyer at his own funeral.

Almost nothing ever gets to Roger, does it? He didn’t even seem too put out at being left off the organizational chart.