Mad-Men: 5.12 "Commissions & Fees" (open spoilers)

Peggy’s gone, Joan’s a partner, SCDP has Jaguar, Lane still hasn’t been found out, and Don & Megan are still on the rocks. This is the penultimate episode of the season and there are still of bunch of plot points to be resolved; like Lane’s embezzelment, Betty’s weightloss, or whatever happened to Bluto.

Damn, Glen’s voice is deep. Puberty is hitting him hard & fast.
Errrr, and I guess it’s hitting Sally as I type this…

That little shot of blood probably wasn’t necessary.

One of those plot points just got resolved.

Big time.

Woah. Well, that was heavy.

Wow. Heavy is right.

I knew the Jag would fail.

I’ll miss Lane. He was one of my favorite characters - especially after he punched out that little weasel Pete.

Didn’t expect the embezzlement storyline to end well for him, but…that was sad.:frowning:

I was two seconds from saying “wouldn’t it be funny if the shitty car wouldn’t start?” when he pressed the button.

Props on not using Pete’s rifle.

Could have lived without the bloody undies shot.

Or the elevator shaft.

I was wondering if Lane tried to kill himself in the Jaguar as a fuck-you to Don, because doing so would probably lose them the Jaguar account.

Hmmm. Why did Lane break his glasses in half (when he was trying to off himself in the Jag)?

oops double post

Well, I kinda figured Lane would end up killing himself, but I thought he’d be found out by more people that Don. Didn’t expect to actually see the corpse either. :eek: That Lane actually wrote out a letter of resignation has got to be significant. IANAL, but wouln’t it void the life insurance policy the firm has on him? Or effect what happans to his shares in the firm? What about his wife & son; presumably they’re his prinicpal heirs.

If Lane resigns just that just mean he’s no longer SCDP’s Finance Director or drawing a salary, but still owns part of the company? If so then are his wife & son (so really his wife) now partners? This could mean a nasty lawsuit from the Widow Pryce; sure Don could try to use Lane’s embezzelment to screw his estate out of it’s share of teh company, but wouldn’t that mean airing the firm’s dirty laundry in public?

When they showed Lane walking down the SCDC (? formerly SCDP) hallway, my first thought was “Hey, how did he get to the office at that late hour? And if he drove his other car, why didn’t he kill himself in that one?”

Symbolic. Saying goodbye to responsible, work focused, Lane.

Was telling Lane to resign Don’s only option?

I think it was to Don. He wasn’t going to be able trust Lane with the company finances after he was caught embezzling.

At least, it was Don’s kindest option – he could have called the cops.

Don’s option was kindER than calling the cops but hardly the kindEST option. Don could have given him some time to come up with a cover story, find another job, or something more than just the weekend. Lane was not the resilient shape-shifter that Don is. Lane was pretty rigid. I’m sure Don never thought Lane would kill himself, but I wasn’t surprised… I doubt if any of us viewers were.

If I knew the guy in charge of my livelihood’s finances was stealing from said livelihood, I’d also feel justified in wanting him out and away from the books ASAP. In my opinion, Don’s offer was the kindest anyone could reasonably expect under the circumstances.

When Lane drunkenly wandered into Joan’s office, my first thought was that he was going to try and empty the business accounts somehow.

Gadzooks. I rarely get to watch MM on its first showing so I never participate in these threads. I was just getting over last week’s bombshell (which I only just watched this morning)and now this. As I said in another thread about Requiem for a Dream, I thought this was a magnificent episode that I never want to watch again.

I too predicted the Jag would fail and kind of thought / hoped that Lane would have a change of heart. The scene with Don confronting him about the check had my guts in a knot. And when he drunkenly wished Joan “bon voyage” I knew what was coming.

Regarding Glen: I can’t quite figure out if casting him is a sly joke on Mr. Weiner’s part or just bad, old fashioned nepotism. No way he doesn’t see how atrocious he is.

Sally was eerily, and not for the first time, a mini me of Betty during the scene at the museum. Holy cats, but I love that Ms. Shipka.

Still can’t stand Megan, which is weird because in theory she’s just the kind of character I usually like. I guess it must be the actress that plays her, but damn if I can put a finger on my dislike.

I find myself counting the minutes 'til next week’s episode and also dreading it, knowing it’s the last of season. It’s like dreading that last yummy bite of cake.