Mad-Men: 7.05 "The Runaways" (open spoilers)

After tonight there’s only 2 episodes left this year.

The one episode so far this year I truly disliked.

Megan sending Don’s “niece” away at first seemed like a Betty move… then, nope. Turns out she’s the swingin’ anti-Betty. sheesh.

I kinda suspected Michael was going to get a Sal storyline. Except that I liked Sal and found Michael annoying, so when he got hauled off for the end of his crapsack story, I’m just kinda relieved.

Ginsburg is showing more signs of mental instability. At the same time, he was sort of right about the computer replacing the people. I think within twenty years, some of the peope working in offices will be replaced by computers (starting with the secretaries, perhaps).

And did you hear the theory that Mad Men might end in a massacre like the one at Sharon Tate’s house?

Poor Ginsberg :-o

Can someone explain the play that Don offered regarding American Tobacco?

Cutler and Avery were going to hook a new big tobacco account and make the agency fire Don because the account would be worth too much to lose over Don’s being there. Don came in and presented the idea to Phillip Morris that they’d gain more prestige over their competitor (American Tobacco - Lucky Strikes) if they roped Don into an apology after Don had previously savaged the industry in a newspaper ad. So now rather than PM saying “We’ll only give you the account if you ditch Don”, they’d say “We demand that Don be on the account”.

Overall, I liked Don’s bit at the end ('cause I always enjoy Don being sharp) but could have done without the rest of the episode. The threesome felt like Sweeps Week for AMC. Never cared enough about Gingsberg to feel anything for his crack-up. Even with the scenes with his father and him going on a date (Zzzz…) he never felt like more than a catalyst for office banter. Blah, blah, Betty, blah, blah.

My only complaint… they should have ended the episode with the great Crosby song… “Triad” LOL

Let’s go on as three…

[li]Never seen a guy so oblivious to a threesome that was staring him in the face[/li][li]Ginsberg pulled a Van Gogh, and I was thankful it was just a nipple. I picture the staff debating what body part should be in the box. Nipple rides that line between horrifying self-disfigurement and not so bad.[/li][li]The tobacco maneuvering really felt like classic Mad Men for five minutes, and check out Don in the brown suit! Tom and Lorenzo will have something to say about that.[/li][li]The shot blocking when Don and Harry were accidentally conspiring looked identical to a very similar scene between Don and Ted.[/li][li]Between Betty “checking the Sterno” and Megan lighting her smoke on the stove - both wearing long sleeve flammable 60s fabrics, I had the oddest feeling one of them was going to get torched à la lawn-mower-over-the-foot style.[/li][li]Mad Men hippies are the dirtiest hippies outside of Manson family mug shots.[/li][li]I really would’ve loved Megan’s party in all the ways Don didn’t. They almost went over the top with how out of place he was. We get it.[/li][li]Missed Pete Campbell.[/li][/ul]

And these days there are both a lot more computers around and a lot more (open) homosexuals. He was right! The hum is turning us gay!

I liked the episode. Stuff happened.

Somehow they’re layering on the 2001: A Space Odyssey references even thicker than last week, what with the lip-reading.

I loved the final meeting, as it felt like classic Mad Men, but hated everything else. In fact, I think “cut the nipple” might be the new “jump the shark.” Terrible episode.

I wanted to cheer Betty on when she pushed back against Henry. As awful as she is to her kids, she’s from the generation that watched the feminist movement from afar, and didn’t always realize how controlled and stifled her life was.

In last week’s episode, Don and Megan looked like they were headed for divorce. This episode, it’s like nothing ever happened. He’s back to travelling to LA on weekends and she’s so happy to see him she treats him to a threesome. WTF?

I really could not give a damn about her and that entire relationship anymore.

Also quite tired of Betty, her husband and her kids. What do they bring to the show anymore?

Equally sick and tired of Peggy. She can’t win for losing. I’m surprised she hasn’t had a nervous meltdown along side Ginsberg.

All the interesting stories and machination are still in the office and they hardly show any of that anymore, except some abbreviated dialogue here and there. Where’s Joan? Where’s Roger? Why isn’t Pete getting punched in the mouth?

And it’s the second time in recent episodes that Don shows up to an important meeting in a brown suit. It’s like the complete opposite of the power suit. I realize it’s symbolic in that Don has lost much of his power and influence, but it strikes me as heavy handed.

They are headed for divorce. Megan is scheming to get rid of Don’s “niece” whom she sees as a rival, and to get Don’s interest back by the threesome. Don, on the other hand, was completely nonplussed by Megan’s party, and not happy about the whole thing. It was another Zou Bisou Bisou moment.

On the gripping hand, Megan probably was right about how Don would’ve handled his “niece.”

I can’t imagine it working out. As hypocritical as it would be, Don doesn’t seem like the type to share and that night’s events (party & after) demolished a lot of illusion that Megan is living the chaste life waiting for Don. Maybe if Don wound up in LA but I can’t see the show taking Don out of New York and unless it was some last episode “new beginnings” thing, it’s too late in the show to do anything with it.

Totally agree. Let’s get back to the office!

Please explain this. How would he have handled her?

Also, remind me of who this girl is? Anna’s daughter?

Agree with the last scene resembling classic Mad Men, but yes, MM has jumped the shark with that ridiculous nipple thing. Where the heck did that lunatic idea come from (I’m addressing the writers of the show, not Ginsburg)?

I was waiting for the pregnant niece to call Don and say “Thanks for the money, the baby’s not a problem anymore.” I don’t know if anyone could get a seven-month abortion back then, but that would have really caused quite some discussion here.

Ginzo has been schizo from the get go. Remember his Holocaust Martian transmission ramblings?

Anna didn’t have kids. I think she’s Anna’s niece.

Don probably would have done the same thing he’s always done to the women in his life – Betty or Megan – he’d’ve decided what was best without bothering to discuss or inform the woman his decisions would affect, and gone ahead regardless. It’s what he always did with Betty, and it is what Megan is angry at him doing to her.

As to the specifics of what Don might’ve done, who knows. As noted, probably too late for an abortion, but I wouldn’t put it past Don to have arranged for her to have the baby in some controlled environment and then get it adopted.

I half suspect that the reason Don was so excited to hear from his “niece” was that he saw an opportunity to exert some control over someone, which he’s been frustrated in doing at work, in his marriage, with his kids…

Don’s had a history of solving problems by cutting checks as well so I’m not sure if he would have handled it much differently from Megan if he’d been there. She said she was Anna’s niece to Megan (and I’m sure that’s right without looking back) and I think Don was sincerely happy to hear from someone from that life again and disappointed when she had supposedly split before he could get there.