Mad TV vs. Saturday Night Live

Both are amusing, but I like SNL far more because it is more creative in it’s humor. Your opinions?

Mad TV I must say, is head and shoulders above SNL. EVERY cast memeber on MAD is great.

Stewart,Rusty, and the new character, the Jewish guy in a track suit, who constantly says…“Come on” are good ones. The grunting lady, who can’t make up her mind is great, Ms Swan of course…who can forget her?

Love the show.

I hate Mad TV…I dont even think its remotely funny, just very stupid. SNL is the greatest show and i never miss it. :smiley:

Mad TV wins hands down for me. SNL has gone wayyyyyy downhill.

Some skits on MAD TV are alright, like the hyper UPS guy and the kid who doesn’t like to be touched, but for the most part, I like SNL. The skits are just far more outlandish. Some of them may not be laugh out loud funny, but the premise is hilarious.

That was the best skit!! I like them both, I watch mad tv then tune for the rest of SNL. If mad TV is a rerun, i watch SNL. My favorite SNL bit is the Ambiguously Gay Duo.

But I could be wrong, 'cause SNL varies wildly in quality season to season, and I haven’t checked it out at all this year.

MadTV doesn’t approach SNL in its various heydays (I count the first two seasons and the Phil Hartman/Dana Carvey eras as the two heydays), but it’s consistently funny and occasionally brilliant.


Mad TV, hands down. These guys have great timing, and they actually know their lines! SNL players are always looking at cue cards and snagging on punch lines. Are they so busy in the rest of their lives that they can’t learn a few lines every week? Pfffff, you know what? Anh anh! That’s not what I’m looking for in sketch comedy. And even when Mad TV cast members change, they’re as good as the other ones. And if you have a different opinion: LA LA LA LA LA - LA LA LA LA LA (To those who don’t know, this is the Vancome Lady - brilliant.)

And don’t forget it was Mad TV that created Raging Rudolph. That’s a classic.

I think SNL has been painfully unfunny for the past several years. Since I don’t watch it anymore unless someone else has it on I suppose it could have gotten better recently, though.

Some of the skits on Mad TV fall flat (heck, sometimes entire episodes) but when they hit I find them far funnier than anything seen on SNL for ages.

They both definitely have their moments. I like the Jeapordy skits on SNL…those are always hilarious. I usually check up on both of them, and whichever one tickles my fancy is the one I watch.

What are some of your favorite skits/jokes?

I think that no one is funnier than Will Ferrell and no one does impressions better than Darrell Hammond. All that with the Ladies Man and some other reasons is why I like SNL way more.

But we all know that the funniest show was/is The Kids In The Hall.:smiley:

I like MadTV a lot better than Saturday Night Live.

However, MadTV has really run some of its skits into the ground. It’s often painful to sit through another fucking Mrs. Swan sketch, another fucking Stewart sketch, another fucking Bonifa sketch, another fucking Story Time with Will Sasso sketch, and so on. It gets to where I can hardly stand to watch it, because I’ve already seen this material and it irritates me to see it again.

I think they’ve got a talented cast, which they are wasting by milking the same gags week after week. But, it beats Saturday Night Live.

I agree with SuaSponte … when i was in high school, SNL was hilarious. Original material, great cast, lots of fun for all. Now that all the good cast members have left … sorry guys … there just ain’t much there. I do enjoy a few of their sketches (Celebrity Jeopardy, the Music Teachers, the Cheerleaders, and of course Mary-Katherine Gallager) but enduring 85 minutes of crap on the off chance you might see one good 5-minute skit is just too much to ask.

I REALLY liked the first season of mad tv, and miss a lot of the cast from that season (not sure why, but they replaced 75% of their cast after the first season). However, the new cast is certainly holding their own, and for the most part it is pretty damn funny stuff. It can get tiresome to watch the same material over and over but at least the material is funny, unlike SNL.


SNL is pretty lame nowadays

Mad TV gets my vote. We watch SNL if Mad TV is a rerun, and although we do see some skits that we enjoy (Jeopardy skits and Alex Baldwin as Pete Schweaty leaps to mind), but overall, we laugh more when we watch Mad TV.

I have been sent to revert you all to SNL!!!

It has to be SNL with out a doubt. The impressions are dead on, they apply their skits in a political sattire form, which makes me laugh my ass off at Washington, and the show as provided me with impressions that I have nearly mastered(George Bush, Bill Clinton, Leon Phelps, Al Gore, Sean Connery, The Festrunk Brothers, Church Lady and numerous others.), or so i’ve been told. Lorne Michaels has done a wonderful job in the past 25 years, and I hope to see SNL on for another 25. And remember this SNL, You are the best…“Because you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and dawgonit people like you.”

MAD TV by a mile. They’re doing everything the “old” SNL used to do, and doing it just as well.

BTW, my fiancee thinks Ms. Swan is Icelandic! I found this out when she started doing a loud impression at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants. Anyone know for sure which nationality is being impersonated? I assumed it was Asian, as does everyone I know, but my fiancee is adamant.

I think everybody is forgetting the REAL funniest sketch comedy team:

Second City.

SCTV produced some seriously funny people. Eugene Levy, John Candy, Dave Thomas, Rick Moranis, eh!

I wish it was still on. But of the two you asked about, I prefer Mad TV for now.

What about In living Color or The Kids in the Hall?