SNL vs Mad TV

Which is better?
I personally prefer MadTV.

right now, MadTV is way funnier than SNL.

but before when MadTV was starting out SNL was way funnier.

I just dont seem to enjoy any of the SNL cast members, Jimmy Fallon is THE WORST of the SNL crew. SO FUCKING ANNOYING.

Where as MadTV have hilarious sketches and cast members.

But again it’s just my opinion

SNL seems to just be a mish-mash of stupid ideas, hoping that the randomness will be funny. Although, the celebrity jeopardy is hilarious. I do hate bunifa, and most of the recurring characters because of the over kill. The first season of Mad was the best out of them, it’s too bad they got rid of most of their main players from that season.
I preffered it when Mad had musical guests.

I prefer Snl cause at least when the jokes bomb you aren’t forced to listen to a laugh track. (Yeah I know madtv is in front of an audience but their laughter sounds very faux-it’s gotta be enhanced).

Both shows occasionally make my jaw drop – “You can’t do that on TV!”

I think Mad TV is funnier and they don’t beat characters to death week after week after week after week after etc.

Even on its worst days, SNL is funnier than MadTV on its best. SNL on its best blows MadTV out of the water.

MadTV used to rock, then it became about as good as SNL, and then it just sucked, and it kept on sucking and hasn’t stopped. But, SNL has been pretty mediocre, though it would vary depending on the guest. Some days may be awesome, some days may be stinkaroos.

Am I the only one turned off by how obvious the SNL actors are when they read from the teleprompters? I HATE that!

But Jimmy Fallon’s cool in my book.

Neither of 'em. Hardcore TV forever!

I prefer MadTV - but I’m so lame I switch back and forth between them. God I need a life.

Yeah, I usually watch MadTV until 11:30, then switch over and watch SNL on and off until the WU.

I do like the fact that SNL has musical guests, so that and WU give it a slight edge over Mad. Mad is usually a little more consistantly funny, though.


Mad TV used to be brilliant. I especially enjoyed those skits where they’d combine two movies into one, like Gump Fiction or Apolloe the 13th. Do they still do those?

I ask because its been a long time since I tuned in, because it’s been a long time since Mad TV was funny. At least with SNL I know that even if the rest of the show sucks, I can tune in to Weekend Update and get a few laughs, though WU does seem more and more like a sad second-ran in the years since Jon Stewart took over the Daily Show.

Its been a while since I saw either. I only ever saw a glimpse of humor in either one of them. Sometimes SNL does something that I think is clever, but not too often.

I also switch back and forth when I do watch at that time. Can’t say I prefer one over the other, but some of the SNL guests, like Al Gore, make it interesting/amusing.

Sure SNL attracts a high caliber of guest host, but that isn’t always to its advantage.

For one thing the guest only has a week to work with the ensemble, so it isn’t always going to be as good as when you have an experienced group of sketch comics who’ve been working together for some time and know each other very well.

Sure, there are those host who you know are going to fit in well, like Steve Martin, and some who surprise you, but then sometimes you get someone like Nancy Kerrigan. Remember when she hosted? I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t people often block out traumatic experiences as a defense mechanism.

Shows that just have an experienced cast and don’t need guest stars being shoehorned into the middle of their well-oiled comic machine (Like SCTV, Monty Python, Mr. Show or Kids in the Hall, to give a few examples.) will to me always be superior to SNL.

The thing that makes those shows seem more polished, also, is the fact that none of them were live, so it’s not quite a fair comparison.

SNL does hit and miss, but the energy that being live brings to it is worth it, IMO.

Having said that, I do wish that at least the regulars could look away from the teleprompters every once in a while.

Not an avid viewer of either show, but I do remeber a few stand-out sketches from Mad TV and none from SNL. Seems to me that most players now see SNL as little more than a launching pad to a B-list movie career.

Lately I’d say Mad TV by far. SNL is so bad right now it’s unbelievable, whereas MAD TV can pull off some good sketches in every episode.

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