Made me a blog

Yep, you know what a blog is? Little posting, regular easy-update thingie. Couldn’t get a Livejournal key and didn’t really want one anyway. So I got a Blog. What the hey, here it is: The Seven Seas of Wheat-Alternative Grain. Yeah, if anyone knows anything about the questions I have about changing the settings, feel free to tell me.

Yeah, pretty Mundane and Pointless. Just thought my life oughta have some sorta audience. Now I just need to find out how to get comments to work :p.

Hmm, it goes to show you how tired I am…

no further problems with the system, it finally made the changes. Silly me.

Now this just hurts ;).

Hi Grelby.

I wish I had the option of buying a car worth $200…go you! (Where’s the trip to? Anywhere cool?) :slight_smile:

I’ve been handing out LJ keys like there is no tomorrow. (if anyone else wants one just ask me)

Portsmouth NH, Arwen. I would never have guessed, but apparently there’s a lot of cool stuff in Portland and the surrounding area. This trip is kind of them making it up to our class for not getting to go to Washington DC, due to the paranoia of parents. Good times, good times.


Grelby I admire your blog. I was thinking of starting one myself. Can yours be modified so people can comment on your entries and such? Are you acutely aware that you are writing for an audience, or are you treating it more like a journal? Was it only because you couldn’t do LJ that you started it? Do you read other blogs?

OK, enough questions for now :slight_smile:


Whoah, simulpost! Um, lessee, yes it can… I haven’t gotten around to taking care of getting a comments thingie setup, but I will at some point. I am aware that I’m writing for an audience, but I’m also sorta treating it like a journal… I might not say everything, but it is sort of a LiveJournal replacement. I started one because a friend has one, and I read her blog (which is the same journal-type thing. Mine isn’t a public blog, so hopefully I keep the audience to a group that I know of - i.e. my friends and possibly some of those curious Dopers ;).

Interesting - good luck with it. It actually takes a little bit of discipline to keep it updated.

Here’s mine…