Mafia: Cecilvania [Game Over]

The game is open for sign ups. We would like to reserve the game for veterans if possible since many of the players in Doperville are newbies.

There is space for 17 players. This will be a semi-closed setup. A Rule Set and Role Set will be given but the actual number of each role and whether or not it is used will be a secret.

Let the bloodletting begin!

nm. I found the game. :smack:
And I actually kinda prefer the Semi-closed. Sorta like how Asylum Lane Mafia was (my first game), where you knew MOST of the roles, but there was some fun stuff still there.

Ohh…two games at once? Well…doperville should be a lighter game. In.


Ooh, now that the academic year is over, I’d like to play again! (Not that I really needed another time sink, but what the hell.)

Hmm, I hadn’t expected some of you guys to come out of hiding for this game. I suppose we’ll see how many we get to sign up. If need be, we’ll do a lottery for players to get spots from those that sign up. I’d like to keep it relatively small and fast.

I’ll dust off the subs bench as usual.


Any chance of an advance look at rules and roles while we wait?

I’d like to be in, if I can pretend that my reading background qualifies me.

Count me in, on the provision that I’m going on a week’s vacation with little to no internet access starting the 23rd of May. If there’s a lot interested and it’s more convenient I could take a seat on the sub bench.

Just checking in to say hi to everyone. I am helping count beans and write color for this crazy game.

What’s a veterans game without me and storyteller going at it?

So, count me in, fo’ sho’

Count me in!

When do you anticipate starting? I will be in all-day training tomorrow (Wednesday), so if you start up then, I’ll be uncharacteristically silent until Thursday.

I’m in, unless this game is likely to last through mid-August. I won’t be available then.

Edited to add: I may not be exactly a “veteran” – I’ve played ONE game here and read through a few more.

I’ll be a sub, read through a few played in two (started in one and subbed in another). But I keep up to date even in sub land.

/in woohooo spotted it in time

We will be using a schedule similar to sachertorte’s last game. There will be a weekly schedule. Days will start on Saturday and last through Thursday. Nights will be Thursday through Saturday. This splits the inevitable weekend slowdown.

Nanook and Toomba, ideally we’d like to give a lot of the old timers a chance to play amongst themselves. I have you on the players list right now, but I will give a veteran who wants to play a spot ahead of you if enough sign up.

Sign ups will end Thursday at noon. Roles will go out at that time. The Day will begin whenever all players have confirmed, but no later than Saturday at 4pm. Days will proceed on schedule from there on.

Well, I’ve got 3 games under my belt here, so I think I qualify. Sign me up!

To give proper credit, the weekly schedule is Pleonast’s invention. I merely shifted the days to have Day start on the weekend.

I’d like to play. I’ll be on vacation from June 4 to 15. Judging by the schedule that misses the end of one Day and one full Day. I will have limited internet access so I can check in, but time will not be available to do copious amounts of reading during that time (on an iPhone over super slow EDGE). If that’s a problem, I can just watch. Hopefully I’ll be dead by vacation anyway. It’s about time I die early, right?

Does the game contain recruitment? Because if there is, I’ll probably prefer to sit out.