Mafia Reunion Day 4

When I find someone scummy I tend to stick with that feeling until something changes my mind. I did not jump on any bandwagon. I found Toejam suspicious on N1. I backed off of ToeJam when he claimed, but still found him suspicious. Sue me. As for Idle I thought it was better to vote him off the island than have him mod killed, so sue me again.

Sure thing - in order :

3p killer lynched? Yes, but at this point in the game, that would also be a mislynch. We don’t know what their win condition could be other than the usual SK stuff. Even a second lynch on a SK right now wouldn’t be the greatest - 39 players, 12 scum, 5 (possible) lutha, and a sk. 21 townies alive, then? We need scum dead, plain and simple.
Why do I believe Crys, but not sach? First, I’m suspicious of sach, I don’t outright not believe him. As for Crys, this claim came out of nowhere, with no prompting, and still seems like an odd play. If others (like sach did) claimed lutha with her, and weren’t, and lutha comes up as a lie, there’s a big target on everyone that joins in with her. That’s a risky gambit for scum. Sach claimed second, and could easily be a me too with her - without some confirmation, we don’t yet know.

I’m not sure that lutha can’t kill, but see paul’s posts today, as well as my own. A 5 person, 3rd party team, with a kill? Each scum is 7 people, and open - a hidden, 5 player team that can kill would be overpowered in a setup like this.

Thank you, that’s what was bothering me about TexCat’s post.

Khameleon, I still want to address your line I quoted earlier - why even mention you won’t talk about a power role and whether or not you have one?

You can’t take all people voting for someone out of their potential pool of voting candidates. There are a half dozen people who voted for me before Meeko today (much less the past three days) that I’m not voting for. That’s because I’m not placing a vote on Meeko for voting for me, I’m voting for him for placing such a bad vote. The fact that it was on me is irrelevant (well, not entirely so, but mostly) to my decision to vote for him. It’s the scummiest thing anyone’s done today. Do you disagree?

I have explained my reasons for FOS-ing them. Johnny’s case on me isn’t entirely unlike Thing Fish’s weak case, and Thing Fish was Scum. I posted a fairly long message explaining my issues with Johnny’s accusations in post #229. Hoopy’s “me too” of Johnny’s vote on me therefore also rings suspicious.

I wasn’t even thinking about being night killed as my focus was entirely on preventing myself from getting lynched. I have no control over whether I’m night killed or not but can try and defend myself from a lynch. Plus if I had been night killed the post would have been irrelevant anyway.

I have to apologize as it’s been a while since I’ve played and wow, I’m doing a pretty crappy job of it so far.

I was trying to sort out why Thing Fish decided to build a case on me in the first place and assumed an investigation of some kind was done on me (without checking on the roles first to see that that wouldn’t have been the case). I mentioned the possibility of a role as a WIFOM only. Perhaps not the best idea, but as I said before, my game is a bit off right now.

Not at all. I don’t think he’s a cultist. I didn’t ask him to claim. I was just thought I was seeing a shift in Koldanar’s position on 3P’s and trying to determine if there was a shift and what might have caused it.

Why are you being so protective of him? What gave you the idea that I was trying to force a claim? Why are you confronting me? What’s wrong with asking questions to both town and scum? Am I supposed to magically find scum first, and then start asking questions?

And Koldanar, thank you for answering. I see that the shift in opinion that I thought I was seeing was not there, or certainly not as big a shift as I had thought.

Hey, Plum!

Happy Birthday!

Hmm I thought there were more. Will have to go back an check.

Sure you can ask fellow scum, but there are areas such as switches where the town has more info. More to the point, you need to talk about something during the day, and it makes sense to talk about what you are thinking about.

Happy Birthday, PlumPudding!

That’s an exciting question and I for one would be interested to see just exactly which two players would die if this happened!

Wanna try it?

Deja vu! We get another Day 3 lynch!

And I’m not sure what time zone storyteller0910 is in, but I count more than 48 hours until Dusk.

Surely you can set your verbosity level somewhere between 1% and 110%?

Please tell us why you voted.

Which reminds me:

So, did you ever explain exactly what the case against me you liked was? It’s quite possible I missed it if you did, so please link to it. Otherwise, please justify your vote on me.

I strongly agree with this. We lynch our best shot at Scum. There’s no point to arguing what flavor of Scum they are.

I’m perfectly happy with Boozahol Squid’s lynch, but you are wrong in this quote. Players should be more concerned with the capabilities of their opponents. Figuring out how to counter Scum is the best thing we can talk about. It makes us aware of possible gambits they may take. And it forces Scum to talk about things they know that we don’t. (Hence the mistake Thing Fish made.)

Exactly. Players talking about Scum but showing little concern about them is one of those things we can catch them on.

And why would a Townie be thinking about other Town? Unless you’re a power role thinking about your own actions, there is little reason for Townies to think about their own team. Scum is what we should be looking for, and Scum is what we should be thinking about, and Scum is what we should be talking about.

As a quick reminder - there are no powers, hidden or open, that can affect the vote count. If you see an apparent discrepancy, it’s the result of moderator error.

Boozahol Squid (7)
Captain Klutz (45), EnderW24 (102), Biotop (180), snfaulkner (192), Hooker Chemical (262), DiggitCamera (288), Meeko (302), Hawkeyeop (320)

Prof. Pepperwinkle (3)
Pleonast (121), Nanook (152), bufftabby (197)

DiggitCamara (3)
Paulwhoisaghost (20), Totallost (172), GuiriEnEspana (263)

Khameleon (2)
Johnny Bravo (26), Prof. Pepperwinkle (154)

Hal Briston (2)
Plumpudding (298), Hockey Monkey (305)

Hooker Chemical (1)
Lakai (46)

Meeko (1)
Boozy (314)

Hoopy Frood (315)

*“Hey, paulwhoisaghost and AngelOfTheNorth, get a room!” – Anonymous contest winner. *

**ToDay, the top vote getter will die of course. The second vote getter will die if he/she reaches 14 votes. Story seems like he will be ending the Day right exactly on time so, be prompt with your actions!

The Day will end on Sunday at 3:00 Eastern.

Here is a countdown to that time.**

Diggit mentioned this quote of Boozahol’s back in his case earlier toDay:

Reading it again, I get a real scummy vibe off it. He distances himself from the Lakai lynch, but doesn’t argue against it and then generically smudges everyone who voted after whatever he decides is the very end of the day. Vague, smudgey and wishy-washy.

Vote Boozahol Squid

I’m not over Prof. P though and in the unlikely event that we actually manage to get within reaching distance of utilizing the multilynch, I could be persuaded to move my vote.

Story seems like he wants to end the Day early.

I don’t like **Meeko **'s explanation-free vote and I struggle to understand much of what he has been doing this game. I have never played in a game with **Meeko **before. Other than this vote on you, what else do you see that makes **Meeko **scummy as opposed to…different?

So, the whole thing was a ruse, then? I spent 3+ hours just to be mocked? Or did YOU find anything useful in those pages of data?

But, why vote for me when you figure the Wolves will NK me, right?

I realize I’m getting votes for being noncombative, compliant, funny, helpful, &c. &c. &c., but that’s how I play and that’s who I am.

Regarding not remembering past games? Why should I? I don’t really need that kind of trivia of a day-to-day basis. I try to stay focused in this game.

Superbowl Sunday in the USA.

These aren’t mutually exclusive things. An action can both be helpful towards town and more likely to have been done by a scum.