Mafia Reunion - Day Two

I am on record requesting the last hour voters state why they voted their choice. they were rushed posts with no back-up explanation.

(Updated unofficial VOTE COUNT with unvotes, E&OE)

brewha (16): [del]bufftabby(373-417)[/del], Chronos (538), [del]Biotop (543-909)[/del], Boozahol Squid (556), Cometothe…Cookies (575), [del]sachertorte (576-913)[/del], [del]Hooker Chemical (621-688)[/del], bufftabby (622), Drain Bead (638), [del]raventhief (646-1002)[/del], paulwhoisaghost (703), Khameleon (716), Lakai (720), [del]Hooker Chemical (722-988)[/del], Meeko (726), ToeJam (730), crys(743), Johnny Bravo(767), Prof. Pepperwinkle(794), BillMc(947), Total Lost (957), Inner Stickler(1033)

ToeJam (14): [del]raventhief (31-597)[/del], Idle Thoughts (32), [del]Sunny Daze (34-318)[/del], Biotop (909), sachertorte (913), CaptainKlutz (950), sinjin(955), HookerChemical (988), guiri(995), brewha(998), Thing Fish(1000), raventhief(1002), Sunny Daze (1023), MHaye(1036), jsgoddess(1038), nesta(1039)

Crys75 (8): [del]Guiri (262-812)[/del], [del]Sunny Daze (568-1023)[/del], Hockey Monkey (584), DiggitCamara (588), AngeloftheNorth (595), Texcat (639), [del]Captain Klutz (640-950)[/del], snfaulkner (641); [del]jsgodess(795-976)[/del], Hawkeyeop(803), Zeriel(860), Scathach (959)

Texcat (1): Plumpudding (68)
Thing Fish (1): Pleonast (121)
Chronos (1): Nanook (151)
Hockey Monkey (1): Hoopy Frood (663)
snfaulkner (1): [del]DiggitCamara (250-588)[/del], [del]Textcat (633-639)[/del], [del]Guiri (812-995)[/del], koldanar(819)

Plumpudding (0): [del]Sunny Daze (318-508)[/del]
Angelofthenorth (0): [del]Zeriel (60-529)[/del], [del]Boozahol Squid, P.I. (80-556)[/del]
Idle Thoughts (0): [del]Angelofthenorth (44-595)[/del]
BillMc (0): [del]Drain Bead (132-638)[/del], [del]Texcat (179-633)[/del]
jsgoddess (0): [del]Hoopy Frood (294-663)[/del]
DiggitCamara (0): [del]snfaulkner (332-641)[/del], [del]Paulwhoisaghost (386-699)[/del]
Captain Klutz (0): [del]Drain Bead (45-132)[/del], [del]SunnyDaze (567-568)[/del], [del]Crys75 (583-743)[/del]
Meeko (0): [del]Johnny Bravo (169-767)[/del]
Sario (0): [del]Prof. Pepperwinkle (45-794)[/del], [del]Cometothe…Cookies (523-575)[/del]
Paulwhoisaghost (0): [del]Zeriel (529-860)[/del]
sachertorte (1): [del]Meeko (201-726)[/del], [del]brewha (806-998)[/del]
Pleonast (0): Lightfoot (288), [del]Hooker Chemical (295-621)[/del], [del]Thing Fish (297-1000)[/del], [del]jsgoddess (976-1038)[/del]

I think that leaves 5 non-voters:
EnderW24 - 2 posts
Hal Briston - 1 post
Precambrian mollusc
Red Skeezix
Sario - 1 post

We have found subs for both Red and PCM I believe.

Okay. Looks like I also missed Captain Klutz as being a double ToeJam voter. His vote on D1 was 796.

Of today’s, I looked at Guiri’s post that I quoted in 1029 to see who of today’s ToeJam voters voted for the three vote leaders from D1.

Idle Thoughts did not vote for one of the three. Neither did Thing Fish.

Raventhief voted for Lakai (1109)
Nesta voted for Lakai (1187)
jsgoddess voted for Lakai (1129)
MHaye voted for Lakai (1176)

brewha voted for Colby. (I think his vote for ToeJam toDay was a skin-saving maneuver and am not sure how to treat it.)

I find it interesting that four of the late ToeJam voters were also late Lakai voters. If ToeJam flips Town, that’s something to keep an eye on.
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I never said Crys flipping scum means that Sach is on the same team. I suppose it’s true that he could be another flavor of third party, but that still makes him a liar and he should still be lynched immediately in that scenario.


I agree, this will be interesting to analyze, especially once we have brewha’s reveal. I guess the ones that stand out to me are Raven’s switch off brewha and Inner and nesta’s drive-by. It seems there were too many late votes for a failed effort to save a scumbag though?

As for the votes and unvotes, I don’t think there was a good chance of crys reaching the threshold for second lynch, we came much closer with the brewha/toejam face off.

And I see an error in my vote count, Lightfoot had a vote on Pleo which is there but Pleo is displayed as having 0 votes.

I guess with the votes closed, I can go ahead and reveal my true identity.

I’m nilla town :wink:

I was also an early toejam voter, not that it matters.

I think I’m still dying today, but probably Day killed rather than Lynched.
But jeez I don’t approve of the span of votes i collected in less than 100 posts. That’s why 2nd lynches are bad. Because it leads to people like Guiri using that as a reason to excuse their vote:

Yeah, but WHY did you need to vote an unknown 2nd player? Just to utilize the 2nd lynch? That’s the thing people are forgetting. There are DayKillers out there. You may have 2-3 kills during the day, making it 3-4 by adding a 2nd lynch is NOT a good idea. Especially not when the justifications are as shitty as “well, he had a lot of votes day 1” or “Well, he’s active now, but he wasn’t on day 1 so lets lynch the lurker”… like you Nestea .Do you really think “well I’m not caught up but I’m going to vote” is useful?

And Mhaye, I’m not going to claim at 10 votes (when you first asked), nor at 14 votes. But it is interesting that you’re voting me and hinting/asking to get a claim out of me. Since when do you play like that, why not just wait until Day 3? Why did it need to happen in the last 12 hours of mafia, when many people are away and not even able to catch up?

All in all, it’s a rather sloppy day, but I’m pleased people are on the record at least for votes.
**Brewha **I do believe you are scummy.
Satch/Chrys, I still believe one of you needs to die (if not both), but I’m fine with a Vigging not a lynching for it.
SunnyDaze. You’ve done nothing to stop the FOS I had on you at the start of the game.

Guiri. :shrug: I don’t have a read on you. Honestly, in my analysis for D2, I liked most of your posts and thoughts in my first read through to like page 12 or so. After that… less so.
Idle’s vote on me- honestly, all of you guys claiming I’m lurking, how do you feel about Idle? I think he’s gone absent and he’s just never been back here. But it’s interesting that noone brings up his lurking behaviors, but I’m nearly lynched for my previous absence.

Not speaking for the others, but I was pushing for getting someone I consider to be scum - you - instead of Brewha, whom I consider to be town. We’ll see if he is I suppose. You get another Day to show your play.

Next time - a suggestion - you need to put your cards on the table. Do not come out saying you’re going to post a lot, gosh maybe too much, maybe you’re aggressive even, and then disappear. If RL means you can’t play the way you want to play, explain reality, then we can analyze your actions fairly.

I never considered a second lynch a likely outcome.

Was anyone else puzzled by this post by Koldanar?

It looks like he accidentally typed the wrong name in his vote, but I can’t figure out what he meant to type.

And ToeJam, I understand what you’re saying about how mod-kills are bad for the game, but do you know what’s even worse for the game? Someone who needs to be modkilled but isn’t. When someone is on the roster but isn’t participating, then we’re forced to either vote them for a stupid reason, or to give Scum a free pass to go completely undetectable. Modkilling an inactive player is the least bad option available.

As it is right now, because you chose to show up again, we have no choice but to kill you, whether right now, toNight, or toMorrow, because we have no possible way of telling if you’re Scum or not, and we can’t afford to let players like that live.

I have a suggestion.

We tend to focus on events or players present in our minds. And so we miss the lurkers or the “under the radar” or simply post on players based on bias or past games or gut.

This game is huge!! And we need to deal with that.

So I suggest (and will be willing to go first):

Any player can ask me to make a summit of any other player in the game. I have to make a re-read of this player and (very important) state what I make of it.

In exchange I can ask the player I re-read to do the same to a player of my choice.
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I’m in. Last night I enjoyed my short discussion with snfaulkner on third parties. I would be willing to widen the offer to include topics, such as switches, third parties, and so on.

So far participants are (please add your name as we go):

Total Lost
Sunny Daze

I like that. Let’s include topics as well.
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I’m out, on that. I still haven’t caught up on my second read, and until I do that, I’m playing half-blind. If I had my second-read notes finished, I could easily chime in on any specific topic asked of me, but as it is, it’d just be one more thing keeping me from finishing those.

I was quoting GuiriEnEspañas analysis of snfaulkner. But I’m on mobile on the weekends, and didn’t preview my post. My vote was intended, as snfaulkner wanted to get scum, then voted for a 3Rd party.

Ah, OK, I thought you were saying that Guiri’s vote was bad, but voting for the same person that he was. I should have realized that the “you” was snfaulkner, not Guiri.

Oof, good luck with that. I’m having enough trouble keeping up with this game without being assigned homework. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I don’t see any reason for them to lie. And I fully plan on investigating Sach this evening so if we both survive the night I can semi confirm him/I. Believe me if they come back that they aren’t my faction we will all know if i survive the night.

So, now that i’ve explained reality, you can analyze my actions fairly? And good to know you just wanted to get me real close to being lynched, but you didn’t think it’d happen. Own up your votes and don’t suddenly get weakneed at the end.

And so I've posted my defense to **Hooker**'s stuff. 
May I ask, what's your case on why you're so sure I'm scum? Enough that you felt like voting for me?
Is it anything more than "well, you said you'd do X, but then you didn't."
That's really the best scum detection you've gotten in the thousands of posts so far, that's your scummiest finding?:dubious: