Mafia Reunion - Day Two

Only read to this so far. But will vote to get it on record:

Vote Brewha

If we have a second lynch I’ll be fine with it being Crys.
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Do you remember Chronos’ thing where people were asked to post “I am not third party”? I think around 10-15 players out of 54 did, I would not have looked into that pool on N1 but hey, someone could have been lying with no hope of ever being believed later.

I think one mason claiming would be required to control the cultists - someone who can be trusted to be working in town’s best interest, without exposing the entire masonry.

Sorry as I said, I’m away right now.

Vote crys

I’m not a proponent of lynch all liars particularly. Given sach also claimed then lynching crys to see if she’s telling the truth will give us some more info. Also I’m pro the double lynch.

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No it doesn’t - if LUTHA is real, then the other cultists all know that Crys is one of them, so long as the mods didn’t give the cultist PM to anyone else (that seems pretty unlikely to me).

I think the most important thing here is that the cultists (if they are real) are being given a chance to come out and help town as a block. If they all claim later and say, “hey town, we want to help you win!” we can point to Day 2 and ask them why the hell they didn’t help us now.

Did he fabricate a description? Klutz’s quote looks like mods confirmed the PMs are different but say the same thing

dumb question?maybe.
has anyone checked to see if the PMs were sent by different Mods?

NETA your question is not dumb, Guiri. Mine might be

Now I’ve caught up, and will happily reinstate my D1 vote on ToeJam if that gains more traction than snfaulkner

Ughh… Okay, I’ve read all of toDay… Sorry I’ve been away for a while, busy at school.

So, two claimed 3P, Crys75 and sachertorte. Brewha claimed a batman switch and Captain Klutz claimed a [redacted] scumrole switch.

Lots of blather about switches, lots of half-baked plans involving switches and whatnot.

Crys75: Very confusing claim, seems confused him/herself, especially regarding his/her own switch, was confused earlier about which other claim corresponded with his/hers. Blames medicine. Partly backed up by sachertortes claim. I think I’m gonna go ahead and believe this for now.

brewha: Claimed batman switch, caught in a lie, claims nilla. I don’t see scummy reasons for this, but I don’t see any reason for this - other than he fucked up, I guess.

Captain Klutz: Claimed a scumrole switch.

I am so tired of switches… I hope everyone understands them by now (0/0 – on, 1/0 – off, 0/1 – off, 1/1 – on, right?). To me it feels like half a Day or more was wasted talking about them. I sort of feel Meeko. If you think it proved to be fruitful, good for you, I just felt it added a bunch of unecessary confusion.

brewha rose to lynch-leader, with Crys75 in second. Now some people from both wagons have jumped onto ToeJam.

I would like two lynches toDay. The more eliminations controlled by town, the better I think. Even better if they are out in the open. I realise it’s probably too late. But I’m up for it, though I don’t really feel brewha or Crys75. I could go along with a ToeJam lynch, also a Pleo lynch and of course TexCat. I prefer to vote my conscience, right now I’m not convinced to move to brewha or Crys.

Wow, I 100% missed the sachertorte cultist claim.

It’s probably too late to lynch Sach and bear out my idea, though.

Oh, so now we have a Sach-claim supporting Crys claim. Interesting.

I am not a fan of lynching 3rd right away. So I’ll keep my vote on Brewha mainly because the lie only was admitted when called for it. The case would be very different to me, if Brewha had pointed it out before others did.

Still very unsure why so many see ToeJam as Scum. But having spend all day just caching up, I am not going to be re-reading it right now.

I did like Drain Breads case on TexCat as it was. But didn’t fact-check and so I think a vote in that directing - based on that post alone - would be really shallow.

I know I didn’t contribute much toDay. Others did - and it made the read both very interesting and enlightening AND rather silly and with a bit too much “I said/you said” with out much substance.

At one point I considered voting for players spamming the game like that…
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@mods Vote count way back in 866 should have SNF with 2 votes. You missed the vote in 812.

@everyone, **Please check your votes.

[quote="Johnny_Bravo, post:966, topic:777425"]

Wow, I 100% missed the sachertorte cultist claim.

It's probably too late to lynch Sach and bear out my idea, though.

It's not clear to me what benefit lynching Sachertorte over Crys has.  Can you explain?  

And now that Sachertorte has claimed, I am reconsidering my vote on Crys.  I'm still not sure that leaving 3rd parties alive is a good thing, but it seems less likely that they are malevolent now.

This I agree with - for obvious reasons. And I’m usually on the wagon of lynch all liars - so I don’t know if I could be convinced to not vote me were the shoe on the other foot. It’s just frustrating when people vote without looking at these particular circumstances. A lie without scum motivation shouldn’t come with a death penalty.

You’re gonna come out of this looking squeaky clean.

I can’t remember if this has been answered. If it has - could someone help me with an idea where to find it?
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I guess I’m confused on why you think that distinction wouldn’t mean anything to the game.
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I guess I just don’t see the point of the lie. Instead of saying “I don’t have a switch,” why not just say nothing at all on that point?
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I don’t think it will give us much data now. I believe it was an intentionally soft claim trying to avoid a lynch. Mostly because he said that he feared being mis-lynch and wasn’t as afraid of being target of Scum.

I said so at the time. Others didn’t seem to want to say how they read it - and so I saw little to no point in talking to myself.

How did you read it?
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I can see it both ways, but lean toward hurried Town power role slip, which is why I thought CK looked scummy for the timing of that vote.
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brewha (17 votes) – Chronos (538), Biotop (543), Boozahol Squid (556), Cometothe…Cookies (575), bufftabby (622), Drain Bead (638), raventhief (646), paulwhoisaghost (702), Khameleon (716), Lakai (720), HookerChemical (722), Meeko (726), crys(743), Johnnyb(767), Profpepper(794), billmc(947), TotalLost(956)

Crys75 (10 votes) – Sunny Daze (568), Hockey Monkey (584), DiggitCamara (588), AngeloftheNorth (595), Texcat (639), snfaulkner (641); jsgodess(795), Hawkeyeop(803), Zeriel(860), Scathach(959)

ToeJam(5)- Idle Thoughts(32), biotop(909), sachertorte(913), captainklutz(950), sinjin(955),

Pleonast (2 votes) – Lightfoot (288), Thing Fish (297)

snfaulkner(2): guiri(812), koldanar (819)

; Hockey Monkey (Hoopy Frood – 665); Texcat (Plumpudding – 68); Thing Fish (Pleonast -121); Chronos (Nanook – 151); sachertorte(brewha - 806); **

Brewha is up for the lynch currently. No second lynch at this point. 17 votes needed for that.