Mafia Reunion - Day Two

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YesterDay, Chronos speculated that the switches were held by opposite factions.
Brewha knew that was not true. Brewha posted that he didn’t think that was a good assumption to make. (But added that he didn’t have any evidence.)

I can see the townie motivation to not let bad assumptions continue. And I still don’t think that saying you don’t have evidence, when you are not ready to claim, is much of a lie. Obviously, YMMV.

I think this goes back to the point that I and others have made about the size of the game. It’s at least double the size of a typical game, so numbers are going to feel magnified. So that’s more like 4 people without votes in a typical game. Not great, but not broken. It also feels like there’s a ton of votes on Brewha and Crys, but the latter doesn’t even have enough votes percentage-wise to be the second lynch.

I don’t know why anyone seems shocked that 50+ players are generating a lot of discussion. The further we get into the game, the more manageable it will be. I think it’s incredibly unproductive to have continued discussion about what we view as the game’s faults, unless it’s something that can be successfully factored into our play.

I’ve been considering brewha. The lie is bad and anti-town, but I don’t find the need to lynch any button claimers compelling (or at least urgent - I suspect scum or the vigilante will sort some of this out for us). I feel there is some value in lynching a claimed cultist to confirm the role, but I don’t think there’s an urgency.

unvote all

Toejam is back, which means my initial reasons for not voting TJ are invalid. None of TJ’s posts today make me feel any better about TJ’s allegences, and TJ’s lynch will allow us to resolve more of D1 than any other lynch.

vote ToeJam

I still have suspicions about Pleonast. I’m also getting pings from snfaulkner. He doesn’t feel right this game.

I have a suspicion that Chronos may be a cultist.

Won’t be on much today, and will miss EoD.

On phone, bear with me.

Sach may be scum posing as a cultist. If we lynch crys and she flips cultist, we still don’t know about Sach.

If we Lynch Sach and he flips cultist, we confirm crys because cultist Sach wouldn’t have revealed off of an invented role claim.

If crys flips scum, then sach is also scum because it means he’s claiming off of a faked role claim.

The only way this breaks down is if cultists are real AND scum was for some reason given their PMs.

Considering everything, including the late night discussion which I will NOT repost on third-parties, I am also moving my vote.

I will say that I am also of the belief that Brewha’s lie while at at time when he was not yet ready to claim is not much of a lie. I wish he had been clearer when he did reveal BUT he did come forward, and the information is important. I will not vote Brewha.

Unvote Crys


I’m starting to wonder about my vote on brewha. I would rather see brewha lynched than crys at this moment, but i am now unsure if unvoting brewha would put crys that much closer to the lynch. I think I’ll need to more closely look at the vote record before moving my vote. If i do, it will likely be tp toejam, as a modkill is no longer a possibility.

Just about 3 hours to go.

Well, darn it all to heck! Seems like I have convinced just enough people to jump off the switch claimers to bring about my least desired outcome, a brewha monolynch. The more I think about it, the more it seems that Occam’s Razor points to brewha being Town. Now what? I will be watching Thing Spawn for the next few hours and probably won’t post much, but will follow and change my vote if it seems useful to do so.

I’m OK with people pursuing other leads… I’m not okay with voting for someone and leaving your vote there until there is less than 24 hrs left in the Day and they are the lynch leader, then unvote ng and casting a one off vote.

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I make it 16-9-7, snfaulkner is not going anywhere, Toejam has a chance.

Vote Toejam

And ninjaed by 2 potential Toejam voters…let’s get this Chinese fire drill started!

(5 minutes of profanity follows)

Sorry, Mods, my phone just doesn’t want to let me do colors. Please count the following:

**unvote Pleonast

Vote Toejam**

PS is that an offensive term? Apologies as necessary.

Unvote Sachertorte

His 3rd party claim makes sense considering his behavior.

Vote ToeJam

Probably too little too late, but hope spring eternal, right?

Well, sizing seems to work, so trying to make it easier for the Mods to catch:

**unvote Pleonast

Vote Toejam**

Vote Toejam

Ah, the magic of quoting!

16-11-9, now I think (Brewha, ToeJam, Crys)

Which means Crys won’t lynch - and it never looked she was going to anyway. We never close to that 17 vote threshold.

The question for the group is: who is scum (or scummier) ToeJam or Brewha? I suppose there is also the possibly of a double lynch on Brewha and ToeJam if enough single-vote or non-votes move.


Vote toejam.

I still don’t like brewha’s lie, but i can see things wisdom of waiting to resolve that question. He may or may not survive the Night. I find toejam is be a bit more scummy right now.

Was wondering if I was the only person that saw this possibility.

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We have 36 votes at this point… if the Toejam train hadn’t picked up there was a very real chance Crys could have been lynched as well. I don’t see a 2nd lynch happening now.

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Bleached by me. You probably want to reformat this one.