Mafia Reunion Game Over: Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen [edited title]

Just kidding-

The game is over Biotop was the last mafia! Congratulations town you win! :cool:

It was touch and go for a while but in the end you lynched correctly when it counted.

I’ll post links to the spoiler board in a minute.

Use this thread for all your posts game gripes, reminiscences, and general after party action.

It was fun to be back and see so many of you again. Regrets, I have a few, but then again… Eh you know the rest. Mahaloth and Storyteller will be by shortly I’m sure. We will have stories to share etc etc, but first and foremost this is a time for town to celebrate. I’ll post up spoiler links in a bit. The mafia and wolf boards were amazing.

Thanks for letting me co-host an absolutely insane game and taking it easy on a couple of rusty and overly busy mods…and Mahaloth who was also overly busy but was less rusty and is frankly the main reason this whole thing didn’t totally fall off the rails Days ago. Anyway. It was a blast.

Lets do it again sometime. Not right away. But sometime.


Oh, Idle, when you see this. Change the title? Thanks!

Thank you, Idle, for coming up with this idea!

Thank you, Mods, for making it crazy and keeping it going!

Thank you, players, for playing.

Thank you everyone, crazy game! And I remain shocked that I survived to the end.

The mod game development board. It’s… Embarrassing. Read it!

The Mafia Board

The Wolf Board

Role Descriptions including 3rd party

Also the spoiler board discussion thread is here.


Biotop, well done. You had me (at least) half convinced at the end that we were lynching wrong, but as a general rule I try to avoid backing out of lynches on the “frustrated townie” read. No hard feelings!

On the plus side, your mislynch record is secure. :slight_smile:


I have a lot of decompressing to do, but I would like to shout out to hawkeyeop and Plumpudding:

Thank you, both. I was beginning to feel like a crazy person towards the end and was gearing up to mount a desperate defense/last stand/final case if Biotop flipped town. I really appreciated that little bit of sanity.

Big thank you to Idle and the mods.

Good job, my townbros! Johnny Bravo, I want you on my team during end game every game!

How about the much maligned lutha?

You guys lost. Sorry. You got killed.

As expected. Town wanted to kill us and mafia threatened us and all we wanted to do was be left alone.

Congratulations to Town! Congratulations to everyone who stuck with us these last 3 months.

What a game!

Thank you to NAF and Storyteller for collaborating on making this game. I think I had as much fun planning it as running it.

And I see that, as he did in the game I ran, Biotop took the high road when given the choice between a higher shot at winning and being a sportsman.

If you’re ever down my way, I owe you a beer.

Johnny Bravo, I hope like heck we get to play in a game again. I have not had as much fun as I had in this game in a very long time.

I had excellent teammates. They put up with all my blather on the Mafia board, and in the end I am only sorry I did not pull it off for them. It really would have been fun working around my promise if I had actually gotten **Johnny Bravo **lynched. Of well.

Town overcame so much. They deserve this win.

Sadly Sinjin, this is not so. Almost from the start all LUTHA players played for Town much more than necessary. I understand the need to convince Town that you were not a threat, but after that, you guys continued to play against Scum, something that was very much against the tenets of your stated religion. What did we do to make you treat us this way?

You did not want to be left alone, you wanted to help Town. So what would any Mafia do after being so unnecessarily disrespected? We retaliated.

If you go back and read **Nesta **'s posts after he claimed you will see my point. These posts made my blood boil. Why antagonize the teams that might kill you? We actually requested that the mods make Nesta’s death especially graphic to illustrate the point. That’s what the Mafia would do. The mods did not follow through with that, which I totally understand. They couldn’t help us with game color.

**Sinjin **, when you protected MHaye, I thought seriously about killing you extra that night. I could have. As Mook I had a chance to claim one of my dead teammate’s powers (something I never used BTW). I could have one-time killed you as Hitman when your protection of **MHaye ** was announced. But I was still hoping Mafia and Lutha could work together. Alas all we could do was die together.

I would be willing to co-create and co-moderate a game of this size again in January 2018. Maybe…an annual tradition?

I suggest anyone with interest to read the planning board, which is extensive. You have no idea what we have had going on these past thee months! It has been crazy!

So I just would like to point to this post again:

As I told the mods in a PM when I was submitting my kill that following evening, third vote might not be a scum tell, but voting a third party is.

Funny thing was, I actually didn’t expect how accurate that actually was until I got spoiled.

But hey, scum blocked me from killing Diggit that night.

They then unblocked me the following night, where I targeted Sunny Daze for her “look how newbie” I am that felt (and based on the Mafia board was) forced.

Unfortunately, the wolves decided to take out Hockey Monkey that same night. Mafia concluded (rightly) that I was the vig, but they thought I had hit HM.

The later killed me thinking I was going to take out Texcat.

Thing was, the people I actually voted for weren’t at the top of my targets. The whole plan was to shoot for those I found most suspicious and vote for those that sat somewhere around third or fourth in my suspicions list.

Which meant, TexCat would have lived for a bit before I targeted her. I was trying to get her lynched. Not that anyone would listen. (Even had a townie defend Texcat by using a straw-man argument.)

[Rodney Dangerfield]I tell you, I get no respect.[/Rodney Dangerfield].

Anyway, I found out Cookies had the other switch when I was spoiled. So as annoyed as I was with Brewha’s reveal, his death actually helped me out, because the SK is not going to leash the vig. But at that point, scathach was already sniffing around in my direction with her blocks.

Wow, what an amazing game. I was wavering slightly at the end, but I still thought Biotop was the best lynch. Otherwise it would have been Johnny Bravo toDay. Although I thought that yesterDay as well…

This marathon finishes. I’m actally running another marathon this weekend. At least I won’t have to think about this game any more.

Special thanks the Mahaloth, NAF and Storyteller, for moderating this monster of a game.

The mods are much appreciated. All that work and no pay.

**Captain Klutz **,

**Johnny Bravo **obviously deserves massive credit for playing a such great Town game. Best Town game I have ever seen, I think. I was reduced to trying to make him look bad for the length of posts because I could not attack the strength of his posts.

But you deserve many kudos from your teammates as well for making the correct call over and over again. I tried to fool you, but I could not. Town was at lynch or lose when you chose **Scathach **over Hawkeyeop. The rest of Town was going to follow you. The outcome of the game rested on your shoulders. And you made the right call. Congratulations on playing so well.

Yep, klutz saved me from myself with the scatach lynvh.