MAFIA: The Road to Canterbury - Game Thread


*Whan that aprill with his shoures soote
The droghte of march hath perced to the roote,
And bathed every veyne in swich licour
Of which virtue engendred is the flour;
Whan zephirus eek with his sweet breath
Quickened again in every holt and heath
Tendre buds, and the young sun
Hath in the ram half his course has run,
And small birds make melody,
That sleep through the night with one eye open…

Then do folk long to go on pilgrimages.*

And one such sets out this morning, 20 strong, winding down the road from Southwark. The Saint, Thomas Becket, waits for them in Canterbury, and there, they hope, their many sins will be washed away.

None of them think much of the dangers of the road as they depart; if any notice the single white rose laid across the threshold of the Tabard Inn as they crossed it - a gesture of farewell, or maybe of warning - they never speak of it.

Instead, after a few miles… they begin to talk.

Day One begins here. It will end sometime after 1:00PM and before 5:00PM on Thursday, June 28. Have fun!

hello, fellow pilgrims!

Good morning everyone! I do hope it’s not too crowded this morning. The other day I was heading up to St Ives, and the road was jam packed…I couldn’t even count how many were going…

Well, from what I understand pretty much everyone was heading AWAY from St Ives, so…

One does have to wonder what it is about that place…

Oh, ah, and hello, I suppose.

Good morning, fellow travelers!

Wonder no more - it’s because St Ives is not far enough away from the Welsh.

But you must admit, they make some fine skincare products :slight_smile:

Oh, what the hey, might as well get some terminology out of the way. I know we have some new people, but as to how new, I don’t know.

WIFOM-Wine In Front of Me- a situatlon where one cannot apply logic to deduce the outcome. Usually they spiral in a I know that you know that I know that you know that I know sort of way.

OMGUS/OMGYS-Oh My God, U/You Suck- voting for someone for no reason other than that they voted for you. Classically is considered a poor reason to vote for someone but recently there’s been some interesting discussion on its use as a tool in the hands of quality players.

EOD/EON-End of Day/End of Night- Mafia moves in Day/Night cycles that often take place over several real life days. Often players use capital letters to denote a game day as opposed to a calendar day. For example, Day 1 may last 5 days and Night 1 may only be 48 or 36 hours in length.

Color/Flavor- Term for the story aspect of the game. Usually the moderator lets the players know if they need to be reading the color as opposed to treating it as an optional immersive device.

Cop/seer-a player who can determine another player’s alignment.

doc/angel-a player who can protect a player from a NK

NK-Night Kill- the scum’s traditional method of dispatching unwanted townies.

townies/villagers-everyone who wants the scum dead

scum- the team of players in control of the NK

Third Party- a player aligned with neither town nor scum who will win with either side if they are still alive at the end of the game.

PFK-Plays for Keeps- a player aligned with neither town nor scum who will steal the win from the other side if they are still alive at the end of the game.

LYLO- Lynch or Lose- The point at the game where town must lynch scum or they will lose. Often coincides with Endgame.

Endgame-A loosely defined period that roughly correlates to the point at which at least one side can win within one cycle.

LAL-Lynch All Lurkers/Liars- Strategies advocating lynching lurkers* or anyone who lies on the assumption that townies should never lie**

*Just what a lurker is depends on what people decide. I, for one, differentiate between what I call lurkers and nonparticipants.

**If you can’t trust townies, who can you trust? I don’t have a problem with lies of omission, usually though.

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.
Day 1 often gets a bad rap because it can seem like conversations are difficult to start and everyone waits around for someone to say something scummy and then everyone jumps on that person. I think, if you don’t have anything to say in particular, talk about generalities. What do you think of townies lying or vigs acting immediately?

I suspect that we’ll see a relative lack of action in these first few days as people don’t want to shoot their wad so to speak.

Hello fellow travelers!



Oooooooooh crap. There goes my wad.

Can someone pick it up for me? I don’t know how it got out of my purse but I’ll run out of money on this trip without it.

First, I notice in the OP that we are 20 strong?? I thought we were 19. Or are we 20 with storyteller?

Second, FOS on Inner for being so helpful.

Third, I am not touching any “wads”.

Vote: Suburban Plankton

Is there any reason behind this or are you just trying to get things started?

I’ll go ahead and offer my brief back of the envelope analysis of the game which is sure to overlook something and is probably wrong.

7 knives
1 spear
1 venom

9 total possible scum kills. That leaves 10 other players, 4 of which are scum. Town could potentially lose the game with only 2 total mis-lynches. Also, investigators are limited to a single use of their power, which will certainly end up overlapping with other investigators to some degree (as they can’t really coordinate without serious risk).

The seraph might be strong enough to counteract a lot of the scum advantages if it lands on someone like the carpenter or pardoner (who seem to have the strongest powers in my opinion), but what if it lands on a weaker role? And what if our pardoner and carpenter ended up as scum?

I predict this will be a very difficult game for town.

Welcome all, hope everyone has an enjoyable game.

If the scum employ both extra kills and nothing else happens, we have 4 mis-lynches before we reach LYLO by my count. The distribution of the power roles should lead to a less swingy game, in a normal one losing the cop with no reveal can leave town with a bit of a mountain to climb.

Why are you even asking that question? I obviously investigated him Night Zero.

I’m not really a fan of 'if’s with this sort of thing. I’m still going to get really worried after a single mis-lynch.

There are far too many possibilities to enumerate, with various blocks and protections in play. I’m looking at the worst case scenario, we have a minimum of 4 mis-lynches (unless we get really unlucky, and The Shipman gets taken out by The Carpenter’s death trap in the process of killing a town player).

Here is the player list for reference:

  1. Mahaloth
  2. Inner Stickler
  3. Stanislaus
  4. Babale
  5. gnarlycharly
  6. Alka Seltzer
  7. Texcat
  8. Suburban Plankton
  9. MentalGuy
  10. sinjin
  11. Enderw24
  12. Tengu
  13. Visorslash
  14. fubbleskag
  15. Mosier
  16. KellyCriterion
  17. Snickers
  18. MHaye
  19. Hal Briston (I think)

@Tengu - What do you think about TexCat’s FOS of Inner Stickler in post #9?

Ah, yes, I was going to ask about that but got distracted by the count of the lynchings. I don’t see ‘FOS’ in the glossary and don’t know what that means. v_v

FOS means <duhn duhn duhn> Finger of Suspicion.

P.S. - Traveler #20 is The Poet - that’d be me :slight_smile: No game impact, just wandering along to provide color and vote counts. Didn’t mean to sow confusion this early in the game!

butts in It’s a ridiculous FoS, and one that would I would vote for. Unvote; Vote: TexCat