Maggots... No food source... So why?

I have maggots on my garage floor. I have always hung stuff from/on the walls… So nothing sits on the floor. The floor-drains are sealed. No rotting anything. BUT… If I lift up a piece of loose carpet… There they are! Why? Help?

The carpet is a food source for insect larvae, they don’t just eat “food food”, they’ll eat fabric as well (think of moth-holes in clothes)

They feed on your fears. And your soul.

Yeah, I’m guessing they’re not maggots, but carpet-beetle grubs.

Hi CCinPA. Welcome to the Dope.

Looked up carpet-beetles… Not them.


Messaage received. It’s indoor/outdoor carpet… Surprised it was manufactured for munching!

So true!

If it’s got cotton or jute or hessian or any natural fibre there, the bugs will find it tasty. Have they been there a long time? Have you seen any adult bugs? If not, it could be a temporary thing. If the larvae don’t “like” what they’ve been laid on, the “parents” might go elsewhere. If they’ve installed themselves, it could be tricky to get rid of them.

Thanks for the thoughts! I just checked… Polyester.

I’m a college-educated Fortune-100 retiree. I have to be missing something obvious!

Is the backing “plasticy”, they might have woven the polyester into a jute backing? Anyway, hopefully they won’t have got very far with the synthetic and it’s a one-off.

What sort of stuff? Food sort of stuff?

I think you just confirmed this larva’s extraterrestrial origin.

No food stuff. Storage-bins, wall-units, of household stuff.

Yes! Right? lol

It sounds more like the habitat for silverfish.