Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in feud with sea monster. Newslink

A deadly man-a-mano struggle 3with a Horro from the Deep.

Well, no.
The octopus is more polite & better behaved than Mr. Ahmadinejad.

A delightful story, but not what I was expecting from the OP’s title.

Remember how, back in the days of the Cultural Revolution, Chairman Mao-Tse-Tung was celebrated for setting some kind of swimming record in the Yangtse River, with photos of his head bobbing above the water to prove he had really done it?

I assumed Ahmadinijad had seen this and thought, Well, Shiite, I can do better than that!
So we would have reports of him pinning Merciless Moishe Obama, the Israeli-American Eight-legged Terror, two falls out of three, proving the superiority of radical Islam.

I’d have made reference to one of the combatants breathing radioactive fire, but Iran says it has no nuclear weapons program…

I for one have seen the light, and will no longer ‘believe in this type of thing’.

Darn it, movingfinger now I have to clean sprayed Pepsi off my monitor.:slight_smile:

Iran attempted to qualify for the World Cup but failed to do so. I’d guess he’s just sore. He should really be mad at North and [del]South[/del] Imperialist Korea and [del]Saudi Arabia[/del] Slave of Great Satan, House of Saud. Instead he picks on a poor cephalopod.

People always pick on folks who’re smarter than them. I hope Paul the Octopus doesn’t take it personally.

You know for some reason I can’t get the idea that Cthulu or some other Eldritch diety would probably be Paul the cephalopod’s chosen one…making him most likely not “spreading western propaganda and superstition.”

Hmmm…that’s just what a cephalopodic propagandist would say…

I’ve ceased to be surprised by Achmadinutjob since he broke up that dastardly Zionist squirrel spy ring. Actually, looking up the squirrel story on Google News, it seems he arrested secret agent pigeons, too.

Well, if he does maybe he could call in Gangster Octopus for help.

8 arms, 8 tommy guns?

I read the thread title as “Mammoth Ahmadinejad in feud with sea monster. Newslink”
I think I’d pay to see that!


He’s just pissed about the soccer thing, and saying, “Folks who believe that an octopus can predict this stuff are really stupid!” through a really, really bad or prejudiced translator, right? Right?

uh oh

There can never be too many “Mahmoud is nuts” threads. Particularly when octopuses are involved.

I apologize and accept capitol punishment as prevention of my future mistakes.

Sending you to Washington would be an excessive punishment, I think. I’ll just merge the two threads instead.

New on Syfy: Mammoth President vs. Psychic Kraken.

You left out the part of the speech where Ahmadinejad explains why he hates the octopus. I’ve included it below.

Did you hear about the Iranian Doctor Doolittle? He made the animals talk.