Mailing list for Irish Dopers

elfje set up a mailing list for Irish posters so we can organise stuff and have a easy way of contacting each other. It would also be handy for people who are coming over here and are part of a Dopefest etc. and the group is called sdmbeire
Now this thread is sure to drop faster than a grannies knickers at a Tom Jones concert so a hijack or two wouldn’t hurt :wink:

Who here likes football? :smiley:

Oh a big up to elfje

It shouldn’t be grannies should it. Granny’s or Grannys’. Where’s an apostrophe nazi when you need one?

aaaw, stop, you’re making me blush!


I don’t like football.
were we talking soccer or Gaa?

I’ll report your apostrophe slip to the apostrophe Nazi, straight away.

jjimm!! jjimm!!

over here, seize 'im, seize 'im!

Here I**’**m

Ich bin hier.

“Granny’s” ist richtig.

Ein Granny, ein Apostrophe, ein Reich!

hey guys, uploaded a pic of myself on yahoo.
click on link Yojimbo sent arohnd, and I’ll pop up

just to give you a bit of an idea what i look like

(you’ll need a magnifying glass, though)


Like the hair!

Is that snowdon?

dunno which one it is ion the background, but it is Sonwodonia, yes.
Thanks for the compliment
It’s hennaed, i cannot claim the colour as being my own.
I’m uploading another one, this time with the bf in it, too.

And then that’s it. I’m a very shy person!

jay-sus, need to learn how to spell
Snowdonia, I meant to say.
fyi, the guy in the left of the pic, with the red rucksack, is my bf.

What’s going on? I can’t open any-fink.

What do I have to do?

DOh!!! Forget that, I forgot to sign in.

so, you signing in, now?

If I had a digital camera I’d put something up but I don’t so I won’t.

You can click on the link in the sig if you wish.

micilin’s got a digital camera.

Is he coming out on Friday?
If so, he should bring mrs micilin and the digital camera

Yoooo hooooo, micilin, where are you?

if i ever make it, I’ll bring the BF’s
he’s a gizmo maniac

(an engineer, quoi)

Done, and done. (Unless I forget! ;))

Well if you forget her I’ll give her a call.

Does his digital camera have a personality and a phone?

It’s anthropomorphism gone mad, I tell you.

who says personality and phone are prerequisites to avail of yojimbo’s affections?

as long as it’s got a heartbeat, i always say


don’t mean to be rude yojimbo!