Major artists not in iTunes store?

I know about the Beatles not being in there – are there others? I can’t say I’ve noticed.

Garth Brooks
Kid Rock

I know Metallica is on there because I’ve bought them. Not in a position to check the others at the moment.

Tool. They aren’t available via Amazon download, either.

Until earlier this year, Led Zeppelin was one of the big notables.

I looked for Led Zeppelin a while back and could only find cover bands.

I recall reading somewhere that Frank Zappa’s catalog is no longer available on iTunes. I don’t recall the reason behind it.

King Crimson (last time I checked, anyway).

These artists do have at least one song in the iTunes store when I just looked them up:

Metallica (150 listings)
Kid Rock (13 listings)
AC/DC (only one listing)
Frank Zappa (150 listings)
King Crimson (only two listings)
Led Zeppelin (150 listings)

Hmmm. I wonder if they have an arbitrary 150 listings as the max for an artist? Or maybe they list the display list to 150 for some reason

These don’t:
Garth Brooks (there are a few where he’s listed as one of a duet)
Tool (to be honest I’ve never heard of them)

Until recently, **Jethro Tull **was not available.

(I am referring to the awesome band from the 1970s fronted by Ian Anderson, NOT the inventor of the seed drill, if anyone is confused.)

King Crimson is technically available, only because “In the Court of the Crimson King” appeared on the “Children of Men” soundtrack.

I’ve found that no search that I’ve tried results in a list longer than 150. I don’t see a button or link to go on to an additional page. I wonder how you’re supposed to find out whether an artist has more music available that just isn’t displaying?

His widow didn’t like how things were being handled and she pulled his catalog from iTunes and other online retailers.

Last I checked:

The Big Bopper
The Turtles

Could’ve changed since I checked last. In both cases, I bought the songs I wanted as played by a cover band and been very happy. I’d probably prefer the actual Big Bopper on Chantily Lace, but the Nylons were awsome for Happy Together. Also Micheal Bubble did such a fantastic job on Moondance that I bought one of his albums. I don’t know who the original artist is for that though.

Also, I tried to get Metalica, but since it wasn’t on iTunes, I decided I didn’t care. I also tried for AC/DC, but aquired the music by other means.

Frankly, if my business isn’t important enough to you for you to make your music convenient for me on iTunes, then you aren’t important enough to me to have my business. Exceptions granted for obscure bands or those like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails that provide an obvious alternative approach to their content. For the most part, I am done with brick-and-mortar music stores unless they have really unusual stuff.

Both have many selections available as of today, though I can’t say what might be missing. I remain puzzled about how to see a list of beyond 150 titles.

I see that Metallica is there now. It wasn’t when I looked. Unfortunately, I’m no longer interested. My musical interests can be extremely fleeting, so not having it online when I’m looking for it is pretty much the end of me caring.

FTR: I was looking for what I call “The Black Album”, but I see iTunes has it listed as Metallica. I just remember, dorm duels between me and my Ministry and my neighbor accross the hall with his Metallica. In reality, I don’t think it’s sopmething I’d like now.

This is stretching the definition of “major,” but Icehouse is completely unavailable and The Soup Dragons only have a couple of songs from early in their career.

The Beatles are said to be coming to iTunes fairly soon. One of the high dollar stores (you know, the ones that sell the personal submarines, and the gold plated cellphones, etc.) is supposed to be coming out with a specialized iPod that has every Beatles recording on it for the Christmas season.

Or, maybe not.

Bob Seger isn’t on there either. I think there is one listing from the Forrest Gump soundtrack, and maybe a duet, but no albums.

Personally, when I think of an artist being “on iTunes” I mean that there is at least one full album specifically theirs (basically, soundtracks & samplers don’t count). By that metric, AC/DC, Garth Brooks, etc aren’t on iTunes.