Major league baseball question

Has there ever been more than one no-hitter on the same day in the major league?

Mullane Tony 9/19/1882 Lou vs Cin AA 2-0
Hecker Guy 9/19/1882 Lou vs Pit AA 3-1
Breitenstein Ted 4/22/1898 Cin vs Pit NL 11-0
Hughes Jim 4/22/1898 Bal vs Bos NL 8-0

Stewart Dave 6/29/1990 Oak vs Tor AL 5-0
Valenzuela Fernando 6/29/1990 LA vs Stl NL 6-0

[special case]
Toney Fred 5/2/1917 Cin vs Chi NL 1-0
Vaughn Hippo 5/2/1917 Chi vs Cin NL 0-1

Vaughn gave up a hit in the 10th and lost the game.
[/special case]

(BTW, this is kind of freaky. I was thinking of this question over the weekend).

Zev Steinhardt

What can I say, great minds think alike!:smiley: