major magazine mentions felching

Stuff magazine,a sister of Maxim mag,has an article on weird sexuals practices. Right there on page 130 is felching,also referred to as yerming. ! And they didn’t even give credit to the straight dope! :wink:

What a letdown. I thought you meant the Catholic Digest. :wink:

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(purity set=“high”)
Thank you for keeping us updated on this topic of . . . uh, burning interest.

So what ELSE was in that magazine?
– Sylence

And now, for my next trick, I will talk in spooky half-references.

I gotta know - Did they mention the optional straw?

Please tell your pants it’s not polite to point.

No, Maxim wasn’t the first. Ranger Rick magazine did a piece about it last spring, and there was a mention of the practice in the “Doggone Funny” part of last sundays Marmaduke comic.

I must’ve missed the thread that defined the practice. So what is felching, anyway?


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You asked for it. Does anyone else think it’s time to add a question to the FAQ?

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

Yes,they mentioned the straw :frowning: yuk.

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In case I can’t track down last Sunday’s funnies, could you sort of paraphrase the anecdote?

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people are now wondering why I screamed and left the room and am sitting in the corner shuccering. Need…many…drinks… to…forget.
I’ll pass on that

You want brilliance BEFORE I’ve had my coffee!!!

Why make people look around the web? Shucks, here ya are:
After the act of anal intercourse, a homosexual may decide to FELCH their counterpart.
This is done by inserting a straw into the anal passage of the recently deflowered
fudge-packer, and with a gentle sucking motion using their mouth to extract the semen,
blood, and feces out of the ass of this person. The extracted goo is then swished around in
the mouth and swallowed with much relish.
Now you can run to the bathroom & upchuck that turkey.

MrKnowItAll’s Stream of Consciousness while Reading This Thread:

Should be interesting. Maybe someone will tell me what it is. Hm. Heard of Maxim, but not Stuff. Ha. Funny. What’s the straw for? Ranger Rick & Doggone Funny (chuckle). Ah. Someone asks. Thanks PR. Aha! A link. I’ll check it out if I need to. Funny Rilch, but I hope you understand it was a joke. Gee, Cristi, it couldn’t be that bad. People exagerate too much on these boards. Oh, and Odieman, too. Ah, handy comes through. Let’s see. Oh. Oh god. OH MAN! That’s… That’s… Arghhhhhhhhh… (fumbles with the mouse in an effort to get out of the thread quickly)

Handy, you forgot to mention the worst thing about felching. It takes hours to pick all the gerbil hairs out from between your teeth.

Ack! Ack! Feh! Bad form! Bad form!

Damn, that Pit thread “Eat penguin shit…” got me calling people yak felchers. The looks… the looks!

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NO NO NO NO NO! Out of the x number of people who participate in this practice, I bet less than .0001% use a STRAW. There are so many reasons for this to be an UL that I don’t know where to begin… let’s just start at the simplest: There is no NEED for a straw nor any added benefit from one. Also, why stick something SHARP up there? And who has straws sitting around in the bedroom anyway? The whole straw thing is just so stupid… I bet the only people who have done it that way did it because they heard the stupid UL.

O p a l C a t

And the squirrel cub has yet to post to this thread…

He must be trying for a record.

I’ve also heard the practice refered to as shrimping. Can anyone confirm this?

And while I’m at it, Is tossing a salad the same as rimming?

And, no, I don’t have an ass fetish. I just like to keep up with the sexual slang to impress people at parties.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

“swallowed with much relish”

Uh… I didn’t know there were any condiments involved.


Shrimpers are foot fetishists. The seafood word for felching that I’ve heard is “scrodding.”