Make America Great Again! I just realized that Trump CAN do it!

Maybe “Make America Great Again” is kinda weak, patriotic Hallmark card weak. But “Blue collar billionaire”? That’s a stroke of twisted genius.

Hyuhhh hyuuhhh…

Try again, this time maybe with a little wit and taste?

:confused: prog rock has wit and taste, and sick synth solos, guitar runs and such. What do you have?

Well, someone needs its nappy changed

An excellent political cartoon, it goes right to the edge of inflammatory. My problem with it is the poopy part, it sets off an alarm in the parent-bot circuits. Been decades since I changed a diaper, but it still hits the button that says “Didn’t notice, gotta change it right now, or his Mom will fucking kill me!”

I thought you were a prog hater, and I had a bad day. Rock on.

Join us, father…

It’s blisssssssssssss…