Make America Great Again! I just realized that Trump CAN do it!

When Trump first came out with the slogan “Make America Great Again” I mostly ignored it. I thought it was catchy, better than what Hillary chose (does anybody remember her catch phrase?), had the typical fear-based yet ironically correct Republican message that the US was going to shit, and yet it also promised hope. Still, I did not think much about it.

Then Trump started winning primaries and I thought more about this message and what it meant. I started to ask myself questions. Is America great? Was it ever great? What made America great? When did it stop being great? How can it be made great again? Is Donald Trump the man to make it great? And so on. I was tortured by these questions. I mean, here was a man from humble beginnings that had captured the imagination of the Republican party, a man who would lead them to victory, arguably the greatest Republican since Reagan, and he was confident that America and fallen from greatness. Who was I to argue?

But still I wondered, how can a President Trump make America great? I began to listen to Republicans with a critical ear. I made lists of their plans and priorities and it began to become clear; they really can make America great again and Donald Trump, the man who has more popular support among Republicans than any president (with the exception of Reagan) since Lincoln, is just the man to do it. It is no wonder that the conservatives on this board speak his name with adoration, his recipe for greatness has all the earmarks of success. Let’s just look at the list:
[li]Eliminate the national debt by printing money or renegotiating a partial repayment with our creditors.[/li][li]Cut the federal budget by 20% by renegotiating existing deals (Trump has started this process with Boeing with Air Force 1 and Lockheed with the F-35 fighter).[/li][li]Cut space exploration and use the money on infrastructure repair (space exploration and development is better left to the Chinese or private companies).[/li][li]Deregulate the banks and so they can take more lucrative risks and grow the economy.[/li][li]Eliminate the ACA; people should not be required to have health insurance. Nuff said.[/li][li]Build an impenetrable physical wall along our southern border at no cost to Americans. [/li][li]Charge Mexico 100,000 dollars for every illegal that crosses our border and thus make them protect our border for us.[/li][li]Create a deportation task force and get rid of all the illegal immigrants in this country.[/li][li]Reduce the number of skilled workers that can come to the US by limiting H-1B visas.[/li][li]Increase military spending, increase the number of active duty soldiers by >10%, and build more nuclear weapons.[/li][li]Cut US intelligence agencies as they are boated and incompetent.[/li][li]Apply 45% tariffs to all Chinese goods.[/li][li]Seize the oil fields controlled by ISIS and use the profits to fund the military.[/li][li]Close the border to all Muslims and create surveillance and tracking programs for those already here.[/li][li]Eliminate the EPA.[/li][li]Sell off national forests, wildlife refuges, and wilderness areas.[/ul][/li]
There are more goals and promises made by the Republican party and their chosen leader, but the list above is enough to show that they can make America great again. In fact, if you think about it, enacting these policies is the quickest way to make America great again. Let me spell it out: America is great, maybe even the greatest country in the world and to make it great again, first we need to fuck it up beyond all recognition. Once we do that, it will be relatively straight forward to make it great again. It is an ambitious project for 4 years, but I believe we can at least get half way there with this administration (making America FUBAR first) and then in the second term we can make it GREAT. AGAIN!

I’m on board! Love Trump’s Hate!

“Stronger together”.

Americans generally prefer selfishness, psychopathy and mutual hatred, however, as demonstrated by the victory of Trump and the Republicans. They don’t *want *to be stronger or “great”; they want to see suffering, oppression and death inflicted upon anyone who isn’t a Christian white male, regardless of even if they themselves suffer in the process. Malice is everything. Not greatness, just cruelty.

“2-4-6-8 Trump’s malice is very great! Great meaning large or immense, we use it the the pejorative sense!”

The evidence that Americans generally prefer that stuff is that more of them voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump? Never mind the presidential candidate they voted for four years before that, or the one they voted for four years before that; how does Trump’s vote count demonstrate that Americans generally preferred that over the alternative?

Are you assuming that we need a majority of malicious haters to be fucked? I think we could be fucked, completely assymetrically.

For instance: how many conservatives are here? Just say something having to do with public policy and you will be on the other side of a debate that has no solution except when you start crying liberal tears.

I think you need a majority to say Americans “generally prefer” something – so I’m wary of saying that a minority of the voters, itself a minority of the population, conclusively demonstrates the general preference in question.

And the Republicans. A vote for the Republicans is a vote for malice and tyranny; and they won. They effectively control the whole country now.

But what does it mean – to you – that most voters voted against Trump?

That it’s a condemnation of America that it was even close, much less that she lost.

How does it make a difference to your actions if it is over 50% or not?

Well, I wouldn’t have taken issue with the “general preference” claim if the number had been over 50% – but it was, so I did. Doesn’t seem impenetrable, really.

Well, I suppose that could explain that asinine recruiting/motivational slogan, “An Army of One”.

Just because some candidate says he’ll make America great again, doesn’t necessarily mean America isn’t great right now.

Oh goody. Another ‘Trump is president and I need my nappy changed’ thread.

I was beginning to worry that there weren’t enough already.

Did you read the OP?

Yes, I read the OP Happy Fun Ball.
I saw a great many things that Trump might do.
But what is so un-great about America right now?


Bring back prog rock! (a la something awful)

The Army is well known for being very positively inclined towards individuality. As is common to military organizations.