Make it or Not

Is it really necessary to make the bed in the morning? Why would anyone want to crawl into a bed that’s tighter than a strait jacket and spend the first few moments just trying to create foot space? And who does a well-made bed impress, the dust mites?

I like a slightly rumpled bed. We just pull the sheets and quilt up over the pillows real quick in the mornings. But I have to have clean sheets. Just love that clean sheet feeling.


Is it really necessary to put away the dishes every day? They’re just going to be used the next day, why would anyone want to have to open the cabinet to take them out again? And who does put-away dishes impress, the fruitflies?

Is it really necessary to put dirty clothes in a hamper, rather than just drop them on f the floor? Why would anyone want to bother with hiding them in the hamper, when they’re just gonna get thrown in the washer anyway? And who does picked-up clothes impress, the roaches?

It’s a question of neatness (and partly a quesion of keeping dust out of the bed). Does it need to be made “tighter than a straight jacket” to keep the dust out, no. But if it’s not made at all, dust and insects and whatever will get in… far more easily than if it’s made.

But the main bit, IMHO, is how neat your room looks. Some people don’t mind enormous amounts of clutter, clothes and papers strewn about. Others prefer a neater look.

I always make my bed. I just think it feels more fresh and clean when I get into a made bed as opposed to one that’s been a pile of cat-warming sheets and blankets all day. And, of course, my room looks neater :slight_smile:

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My bed is ALWAYS made. I sleep on the couch.
(Do you have to wash the dishes before you put them away, Dex?).


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