Poll: making the bed

After a recent fight with my mom and reading some of the parenting threads around here, I have to know:

How critical is it that a bed be made every morning?

To my mom, it is as crucial as scooping the cat box or cleaning the dishes every day, and failure is akin to burning the Constitution. But it’s only been like that since I moved out of the house. :dubious:

To me, it’s something to make the house look tidier and should be done if expecting guests., but daily is excessive.


Agreed, Daily is excessive.

Mine gets made when I do my anual room tidy and when I’ve washed the sheets, but otherwise never.

I make mine if I’m expecting anyone to see it and after changing the sheets.

The key is to just get a Duvet which is easy to make. I sleep with a duvet and duvet cover and that’s it. When I need to make my bed all I have to do is pull it into position.

I try to throw the blanket back up to cover the unkempt sheets and pile of pillows behind it but do not make it except when I change the sheets or am in a manic cleaning mood.

I’m a slob, but I always make my bed. I don’t like to get into a bed with rumpled sheets; they have to have been smoothed out all day. At least I don’t iron my sheets any more, but that’s really due to the advent of permanent press.

I haven’t made my bed in weeks and I like it messy that way. As long as it doesn’t smell, it’s cool with me. Then again, I’m a 24 year old single male and the only thing I do in my bedroom is sleep. When I next fall into a relationship, I’m sure things will be different.

You have failed to support your “slob” hypothesis with evidence. Please try again.

I’m getting the vibe that most people in this thread claim not to make the bed, but still find ways to make the bed. Am I the only person over 25 who really doesn’t care?

ETA: You’ll be in my camp in one more year, Autolycus

When I travel, the bed gets made automagically. At home, I have to think about it.

I never make my bed. Seriously never. The fitted sheet is on the bed, otherwise it’s a pile of blankets. I shove the blankets around as I need them during the day and pull out the sheet and blankets I need when I go to sleep. I’m also really bad about just laying the pillow case over the pillow, instead of actually putting it on.

I’ve gotten into the habit just over the last year or so, after decades of not bothering. The motivation was when I got two cats, both of whom have my bed on their top-ten favorite places to snooze list. Clean though cats are, they do shed and leave other effluvia in their wake, and it’s nicer having a simple washable layer on top. I use a very thin quilt that doesn’t fundamentally change my bedding underneath – a sheet in summer, a cotton blanket spring and fall, a down comforter in winter. It’s easy to twitch those layers into place and smooth out the topping quilt – I would estimate 30 seconds a day, 45 if I’ve had a restless night.

I was astonished to learn that it makes a significant psychological difference to the feel of my bedroom. It now feels like a comfortable retreat and not a rodent’s nest when I walk through there in the course of the day to grab something or close a window.



Husband and I have our own sets of blankets. Making the bed would require removing one or more blankets, then putting one over the top, then demolishing it all again once we get into bed.

It’s easier my way. Everything stays where it is from when you got up.

I always make the bed. In the morning I throw back the blankets and top sheet to air it out, and at some point later in the morning I make the bed. One of the small free luxuries of life is to get into a nicely-made and turned back bed at night.

Making your bed is like brushing your teeth: Why clean it if you’re only going to mess it up again?

(Only kidding about the teeth. I brush mine almost every week)

Before recently making my bed, I slept on it with no sheets and just a pile of blankets I would pull over myself as I crawled into bed each night.

I never make my bed unless I change the sheets. When I get into bed I just flick them in the air so the sheets are flat… crawel in and pass out.

Same here. Plus, you’re not saving yourself any work or time by not making your bed. At bedtime, you still have to at least straighten the sheets/covers to make sleeping comfortable (at least if you toss and turn like I do!)

My kitchen table. My bed. :smiley:

I never make the bed, and I refuse to. Well, I’ll make it if people are going to see it. It doesn’t take any time to grab the blankets at night as we cannot stand to have the sheets tucked in.

I never make the bed. We, too, just have a duvet (it’s like a sheet wrapped blanket! Brilliant!) and even after I wash everything, I don’t bother to smooth it all out. I’m 32.