Poll: do you make your bed?

My mother never made her bed apart from changing the linens or prepping for company.

As with many other things, having observed this as a way of life, it is how I live mine and always have. (I am single and have lived alone most of my life so that bears I think…)

I am not a particularly tidy person generally. I LIKE a tidy home, I just don’t like making the time and gathering the focus and energy to accomplish it myself, I have far more important and/or interesting things to do. If I could stop time while I cleaned my house and it didn’t suck a lot of my energy, I would definitely do it a lot more.

But making my bed, in any serious way, just doesn’t matter to me. As long as my linens are clean and arranged in a manner that feels pleasing when I am wrapped in them/lying on them, that is all I care about.

So tell me about you. Aside from the poll, please share why you do it, if you do. (I know many answers will be simply: “Because I like my house to look neat and tidy and that is part of it.” But if it’s anything else…

Poll to follow

I don’t. I like for things to air out. Also, I got better shit to do with my time, and anyone who looks into my bedroom deserves whatever they see.

I used to, to keep the cats off of my sheet. but now I have dogs and they are too short to reach the bed. :wink:

I usually do, but just casually pulling the duvet or whatever up to the top and propping up the pillows. As for fresh linens, one of the great pleasures in life is sliding into a perfectly clean bed.

As for neatness in general, I find that my surroundings almost directly impact my mental state. When I’m feeling overwhelmed by a heavy workload, etc, cleaning almost always makes me feel better, even if it’s not something I enjoy while I’m doing it.

Without fail…because I don’t fall asleep as well in an unmade bed.

I said “without fail” but I don’t make it in the traditional sense. I turn the duvet down and fluff the pillows so everything can air out for the day.

This poll has four variations of “yes” and a joke answer.

Did you consider the possibility that some of us honestly don’t make our beds?

I’m pretty erratic. My husband makes it more often. It’s just one of those things that doesn’t matter to me until suddenly it does. Like pretty much the rest of the housework. I have both perfectionist leanings and ADD, so everything is either museum perfect or a total wreck. (More often the later.)

Yes, but casually; pull the covers up and arrange the pillows

Keeps the cats and dogs off the actual bedsheets and makes the room look tidier. We have a big fluffy comforter and it looks the same whether the sheets are perfectly smooth underneath or just pulled up.

I hate unruly sheets and blankets, my wife doesn’t give a shit. Since she goes to bed first, most nights I climb into bed with a big ball of jumbled fabric randomly placed somewhere in the vicinity of the middle of the bedroom.

When I think of it, I do the “pull the covers up and arrange the pillows” thing sometime in the evening. Those are the good nights.

Yeah, the poll options are terrible but I chose the last one since that’s the closest thing to “no”.

I don’t make my bed. My wife neatens up her side, and usually mine, but nothing like a made bed.

Everyday. I like how it feels to climb into a made bed, very much at the end of the day.

I didn’t used to when I was younger. Getting a dog got me in the habit, because he’ll snuggle right into that warm spot in a heartbeat!

But now I do it because I like the feeling at night. No matter how shitty or discombobulated my day was, I feel a titch together crawling into a nicely made bed. Definitely worth it!

Rarely. Usually just when I get fresh linens or if people may see it. Very rarely, I’ll make it just to make it. Most of the time if I’m cleaning other things int he bedroom.

I don’t unless it’s for company. Made bed or unmade bed doesn’t make a lick of difference to me as long as the sheets and pillow covers or whatnot are relatively fresh. I’m one of those people who just doesn’t see the point of it since it’s gonna get unmade the instant I get in.

Everyday, I can’t stand not having my bed made. I do it casually, in that I’ve never managed the knack of having it as smooth and wrinkle-free as my mother can (she can do the quarter bounce – I’ll never figure it out!). But it’s almost always made. The only exception is if I’m sick and want to stay in bed – then there’s really no point.

I do. The room just doesn’t look tidy unless the bed is made.

Sure. When my wife asks me to.

I went with ‘casually.’ That is, I take the 10-15 seconds it takes to pull the sheets and blankets more or less straight.

I do it because it makes the room look a lot neater with minimal effort. I also do it because it turns the bed into usable space during the day. If I need a place to sort and fold laundry, or organize other stuff in the room, or just lie down on the bed and read, it’s already ready for any of the above.

My cleaning lady makes my bed (and changes the sheets when necessary.)