Make me laugh with pictures, God damn it

I’ll do you first. Warning: I can have a fucked-up sense of humor and so should you.

Bro witch
Donation solicitation
If I was your boyfriend I’d never let you go
Eagle’s the man
Cash 4 Gold
Sony Vaio
Wandering eye
Bouquet toss

Videos ok ?

Cat welcomes home soldier from deployment

Wandering eye 2: Presidential edition
Library headbang
Whatcha thinkin about?
Real life D&D
Occupy Mordor
Employee of the month
Blue screen of death
Hull problems

Life magazine used to put a funny picture on the last page of the magazine, which they called “Miscellany”. They had decades of these, and distilled the nest into a series of books.
Here are a few of them:

Some of these were really good. I especially liked this and this one.

The photos linked in this nearby thread by twickster are good for a few laughs.

“Cats that look like pinup girls”

(ETA: Uh… NSFW, some might say.)

I don’t know why the library head-banging is so funny - it just is. :smiley:

I also liked the Cash 4 Gold letter, complete with request to do unspeakable things to the telemarketers who, presumable, have been bothering Mr. Haberny regularly. Nice!


I hope she tattooed those on herself. I could have done a better job with a Sharpie for $10.

That’s, uh, some high-powered marijuana!

Baby hates life.

Yup, that’s pretty much my response to those zombie babies, too.

Grinning pig

Something seasonal, The Most Epic Nativity Scene in Existence.

Map of World Stereotypes

Hey! We’re not all drunks in Canada!

Are you sure? It looks pretty clear on the map and I did find the map through internet sources.


What does Arkansas with a beach mean? (Australia).

I’m apparently missing some context around Arkansas? Anyone care to enlighten this Aussie?

Featureless prairie nobody cares about.

That’s Nobel Peace Prize material there. :wink:

Ah, you got me there. :frowning:

Are we just sharing pictures from Cheezburger now? Here are some I’ve collected from a few places:

I’ll share more if people like this style of pictures.

I do. The last one made me laugh. I would totally do that.

Something to keep in mind as you decorate for the holidays.

I think we should adopt this cipher for the dope.