Make up silly character names

I’d love to do a spy-spoof film, wherein the lead character is named Roger Roundley.

Other character names that have come to mind include:

‘Stigmata’ Hari (or ‘Harry’)
Jenny Talia (and her brother Johnny)
Roy G. Biv
Oliver Klosov
Cecil Porpington (pronounced ‘Sessil’)
Cloudy O’Sanchez (with a nod to NPR’s Claudio Sanchez)
Lee Genes
Gene Poole

I still think ‘Marshall Mayhem’ would be a good name for a military goofus. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tanya Hyde

Bart Fubbles.

Crash Landon.

Chalmondeley Featherstonehaugh

Ben and Ilene Dover

Sakkar Cox
Fagh Bashir

This one is taken already.

Dammit! He stole it from me!

'Cause it can’t be that it’s so obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucifer J. Hornswoggle, Attny at Law.

Bluden Gutz

Doctor D. Harkness

Mary Alice Hart; signs her name as M. Alice Hart

I want to do a murder mystery, with characters named:

Maximillian Pound-Sterling
Ms Paige Turner
Doctor Oslo Norway
Constable Tom Constable
Mrs Rosemary Parsley-Chives

…amongst others.

I was this close to convincing my friend – a Mr. Turner – to name his daughter “Paige”. Alas, he saw through my nefarious scheme.

Although it was worth it, to see him slowly realize “hey… wait. a. minute…”

Maybe it should be Alice Aforethought.

I always thought “Limbs” Akimbo would be a good nick-name for a tall Asian character.

Newt Neely
Jarod Beard
Sonnie Drabble
Goodwin Newbiggin
Linsay Fuchs
Jodi Surrency
River Blunt
Celia Moonshower
Grier Teagarden
Fitzroy Countryman
Maitland Rodacker
Caitlin Handyside
Ferdinand Ledgerwood
Reginald Weingarten
Missie Eisenman
Quinton Candles
Destiny Cressman
Lux Rumbaugh
Juniper Strickland
Royston Guess

I actually knew those two real life people/couple ! Don’t know if they ever got married though.

Haywood Jablowme

Arthur Itis
Sal Manila
Harry Covert (French surname, prounced “co-VAIR”)

I once had an idea for a parody of The Hunt for Red October. Most of the action takes place on a Soviet fishing trawler disguised as a spy ship. The captain is upset at the death of his goldfish, overfed by a Central Committee member while he was at sea, and sets out for the rich cod fishing grounds in American territorial waters. The name of the American fisheries agent who catches on to his plan? Milt Roe.

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